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    DELETE see 2020 KITH Sign up

    I’m in. I’m always up for trying something new. The part I love about the KITH, is the learning aspect. It makes you stretch your boundaries a bit.
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    AEB—L conundrum

    I’ve recently heat treated some AEB-L, using a tried am true method I’ve used dozens if not hundreds of times. I was treating a fillet knife that I had ground fairly thin. When I was finished with the plate quench the blade was still dead soft. Could the relative thickness be the reason?
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    How long will I make rookie mistakes?

    Invest in yourself, by taking the time to understand and comprehend what it is your doing. What I mean by that is if you make a mistake, STOP, and figure out what it was that caused it. In the instance of the mosaic pin, if you where in a hurry because your using 5 minute epoxy, switch to 24...
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    Stabilizing antler

    Anyone stabilize antler? I’ve done some wood with good success, but never antler. Any tips and tricks you’d share? Thanks in advance.
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    Bandsaw blades

    I hear ya. Normally I’m all about new tools, this time it just seems a tad frivolous. That said, I think I’ll buy a new wood cutting bandsaw.
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    Bandsaw blades

    Porta-band style.
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    Bandsaw blades

    Does anyone here know of a readily available and/or source for a wood cutting style blade for a portable bandsaw? I kinda have a one off project, that I really should use wood blades for. That said I could always go buy a wood cutting type bandsaw, but you know, if you don’t HAVE to... thanks
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    First sharp finger

    AEB-L stainless for the blade and some stabilized burl that I had.
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    First sharp finger

    Up until now I hadn’t done a sharp finger blade, but I figured it was about time. I still haven’t decided if it’s a style I like to use, but in the interest of growing as a blade maker, I made one. Let me know what you think.
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    Cleaning lanyard hole?

    I do that same thing except with a reamer. Usually I’ll just chuck it up in a drill, but sometimes if I need to I’ll use a tap handle and run it down through by hand. The reamer leaves a smooth finish and you can get them in literally every size. I use one that .0005 over and it works great.
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    Latest Off the Bench

    That’s a nice one. He should be proud to carry it.
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    My latest

    I get all mine locally from a guy that makes antler souvenirs. With Elk I try my best to get brow tunes, or G2’s. They seem to have the least pith. If I get a piece with a lot of pith I’ll stabilize it. If there isn’t much I coat the open ends with extra thin super glue. To do full tang knives...
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    My latest

    Alabama Damascus with Elk Antler and cold blued guard and pommel.
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    First Puukko

    I’d never attempted a Puukko build, until now. Quite honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the traditional design and the jury is still out for me, but the build was fun. My research determined that no ricasso and a full scandy grind are traditional features. Getting the front guard filed and fit...
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    Anyone making micarta?

    I have not finished it yet. However I plan to soon. I couldn’t locate anyone that was willing to take in the project, so I set out to do it myself. So far, so good. I’ve done a series of layups with different materials, and some similar to the goal material. I plan on doing it soon and I’ll be...
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    Fresh off the bench

    This whole virus uproar has me bored out of my mind. My hot shop is off limits for a few days, so I’ve been doing some finishing.
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    Some new puukko work

    Beautiful work! How is the handle attached to the blade? I’m asking because I’m currently doing research to start a puukko build.
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    Best forge

    I’d like to start dipping my toes in the world of forging. I’ve got a decent anvil, but no power tools. What I’m looking for is a SAFE, decent, production made forge, that I could possibly weld with in the future. If I get serious about welding I’ll upgrade. I’m not particularly interested in...
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    My latest

    Thank you, again. I really like that little design. It’s been a good all around knife for me. I am already smitten with the paper micarta. I love the clean black look. Not bad to work with either.
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    My latest

    I’m drawn to the finger choil designs for whatever reason. They just feel good in my hand. I’m a die hard blade pincher and I think that influences my designs a lot, for better or worse.