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    What is it called and where can I buy one?

    I would like to know what the tool is called that they use to make slippies! The one used to find zero at open, half, and closed. Also if anyone knows where I can find one for sell.
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    Need Info!

    Can someone help me with how wide the tracking pully and the drive pully are? I made some and made my drive pully 2 3/4 and my tracking pully 2 1/2. Thought I saw that some where here. Now that they are in use I think they my need to me the same.
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    New Anvil

    I got a anvil and was wanting to know how do I go about cleaning it up and getting it ready to use? It looks like it has not been used in some time.
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    Has any one ever used or know if this thing will work on my grinder? Huanyang HY02D223B
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    vfd help

    I bought a new motor for my kmg clone i just made. Now i need help finding the right vfd for this motor. The motor is like this = Dayton 3N445A 2HP RPM 3450 & 2350 3 ph HZ 60 & 50 AMP 6.2 Volts 208-220 / 440 If anyone can help it would be lots of help! THANKS
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    Hi from TEXAS!

    Been watching a while but just now saying HI! I have been making knives for a short time just got about 12 knives under my belt. I love this site because it gives me lots of ideas and info.