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  1. MattBPKT

    Took some nice pics in the city by the bay

    Some photographic inspiration for you. All the tourists thought I was crazy with all these knives but there you go :9: Enjoy. Enjoy!!
  2. MattBPKT

    Knife Review Site

    Hey Guys Matt Davidson here from Best Pocket Knife Today. I've been working hard on my site and production knife reviews for a few years now but always appreciate feedback and comments. If you have any please do let me know! Thanks
  3. MattBPKT

    Good macro lens for Canon digital

    Hi folks I'm looking to do some close up shots of my knife collection and looking for suggestions of a decent macro lens under $500. I have a Canon Rebel T2i digital camera and only bought one lens at the moment which is a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM FLD. Thanks!
  4. MattBPKT

    Hi folks

    Hello Been lurking for a while and finally got around to signing up. Not much of a story, just passionate about knives of all kinds (mainly folding) and eager to learn more about the custom stuff. Currently living in Northern Cali with my wife and two toddlers who all choose not to share my...