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    1st annual Glass city knife show..Toledo Ohio

    I am considering attending. If so, I'll look forward to seeing you there. redleg
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    Olive Wood Camp/Hunting Knife

    Just a short note about Brian's knives. I bought two of them recently and have started using them. I have one O1 and one 1095 from him. They are both excellent performers! I have no way to measure the RHC hardness, but I can tell you from experience that the edge performance is among the...
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    Best coating for a tactical hawk

    ion-bonding, (aka) DLC coating. In my opinion, everything else pales in comparison. Only possible drawback really, is the need to send the parts out for the treatment. redleg
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    What's your production EDC today?

    Have several customs, but seem to use more Spyderco knives than any other production blade. I like the Caly 3 (zdp-189), have a well used endura (zdp-189), a production Hinderer, and this one is almost all factory except the scale. I think Spyderco should have made them this way, the new...
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    need help sharpening blades

    Here's another "user." This is a Jonathan McNees "MCK1" fresh out of my pack from the most recent, and rainy, camping weekend. As you know, it is 1095 differentially heat treated. This knife has been through what most would consider abuse. The hand-stoned and stropped edge is very close to...
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    need help sharpening blades

    Here is an example of a high hardness "user." A typical Spydie, zdp-189 endura. I think we all know these come with a reputatin of being "sharp" right out of the box. You'll notice that this blade is used, I got the side of the blade flopped a bit too far down and scuffed it up on the stones...
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    need help sharpening blades

    Laurence, I agree with your ceramic, smooth comments. I guess I should clarify my comments about butcher steels and most rods. Any small diameter rod will contact the blade edge at a single point, i.e. a tangent point to the circular cross section of the rod itself and the (generally)...
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    need help sharpening blades

    I'm not a professional sharpening guy. I have been sharpening my own knives, by hand, for about 30 years. I've learned quite a bit along the way and still continue to learn. I have arrived at a skill level that does not require guides. I know systems like "wicked edge, lansky, and other...
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    Gentleman's pocket clip for Dad

    Occasionally, you can find a Chris Reeve Mnandi for around $295, retail is closer to $375. It is a lifetime knife. Also, the William Henry EDC series is really nice. The E6-xxx series is right in the size your seeking. I have an E10-3 (carbon fiber) but all the others have nice wood or...
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    Low Angle Sharpening

    Mike928: Yes. Hard felt is perfect for the job and, I agree, better than soft wood. Great looking work on your blog! Very nice. Kind regards - redleg
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    Low Angle Sharpening

    I push the envelope as far as acute angles go. I also use my knives appropriately. Harder use knives get a bit more angle. Even my woods knives, that baton lots of wood, are about 15 degrees per side - sometimes less. These are good knives, from good makers, with proven heat treatment - most...
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    2x Murray Carter neck knives NEW, For Sale

    2x Murray Carter neck knives NEW, One sold, other withdrawn - thanks. Only one left, the "perfect." Withdrawn, thank you.
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    Heavy Duty Cleaver

    PM sent & replied to. I'll take it. Redleg
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    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) for sale

    Please close thread. These items are being withdrawn. Thank you Knifedogs. regards - redleg
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    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) for sale

    Have some other "wants" waiting out there. Reasonable offers will gladly be considered. Thanks - redleg
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    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) for sale

    Accepting offers through 11/21/2011 Accepting offers - Thanks.
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    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) for sale

    Accepting offers via PM...for now. I'm thinking $600 would get both of them, shipped CONUS...? Offer ends Monday, November 21. I do like these knives and I may just start using them, but they could be yours. Accepting offers. Thanks. redleg
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    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) for sale

    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) new aggressive prices for this weekend Items withdrawn. Thank you Knifedogs.
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    CS Trailmaster Modified...

    Just got this back from a known knife maker. It is a CS, carbon V Trailmaster factory second rehandled in canvas micarta (single finger Randall style) and the black coating stripped off the blade etc. Leather sheath has a Sam Brown stud and together, the knife and sheath ride in a pouch on my...
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    My latest Dagger

    Josh - Nice work! I was particulary pleased to see the "Sturm Ruger" escutcheon set into the scale. I had the wonderful chance to meet Bill Ruger some time ago at a private club. What a wonderful gentleman. Too, I am fortunate to know and shoot with Russ Sturm. Russ, my son and I just...