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    Black cherry / hand forged 144 layers

    Here is one I just finished Black cherry handle, nickle silver guard and rap. Blade is made from 1084 ,1095 and 15n20 let me know what you think. It will be going into leather tomorrow.over all 15.5 blade is 5.5 , 3/16 blade at the nickle just under 1/4
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    cable damasus forged blade

    This is a P.S. cable (pre stressed cable) this is the cable that is put into the concrete for bridges. This was forge welder and folded then forged to shape. the tang was drawn out to be rapped around the handle. The handle is made from mule deer horn. [ATTACH=CONFIG]37218
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    San Francisco style knife for sale

    hello every one This is my first time on listing a knife for sale. the pictures are not the best I hope they are show the knife off . The knife is a San Francisco style the blade is Damascus twist blade is 6.25 inc long, 1. 1/8 wide (sharpened ) the handle is nickle silver rap, whit...
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    large sub-hilt

    Large sub-hilt with 304 stainless and curly maple handle. Damascus blade.
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    San Francisco style knife

    here is a knife I gust finished. This is a San Francisco style. Handle is mother of pear and Damascus and nickle silver. The blade is Damascus and is 6.5 " long the over all is 10.75 "
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    just finished sub hilt fighter

    Curly maple handle 304 ss guard, 8" blade with file work. tooled leather sheath.
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    My bird dog will always be with me persnal carry

    here are pics of two knives I have made. The Damascus was made in a canister with powdered steel with a thimble of ash from his cremation. This was made with the help of Indian George and Gary Rua.
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    carving set

    Just completed this carving set curly maple handle, nickle silver, Damascus blade 8 " long with a twisted fork let me know what you think. [ATTACH=CONFIG]17930
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    smoky mountain knife works Damascus steec bars

    buyer beware!!! I have just received two raindrop steel bars. I split the bar down the center and upon finishing the cut i checked the steel and i had a delimit! when grinding the blade you can see where the welds are not com-pleat I will be calling smoky mountain to see what they will do...