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    2x Murray Carter neck knives NEW, For Sale

    2x Murray Carter neck knives NEW, One sold, other withdrawn - thanks. Only one left, the "perfect." Withdrawn, thank you.
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    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) for sale

    Zubeng Forge, and Shawn McIntyre (ABS, MS) new aggressive prices for this weekend Items withdrawn. Thank you Knifedogs.
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    CS Trailmaster Modified...

    Just got this back from a known knife maker. It is a CS, carbon V Trailmaster factory second rehandled in canvas micarta (single finger Randall style) and the black coating stripped off the blade etc. Leather sheath has a Sam Brown stud and together, the knife and sheath ride in a pouch on my...
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    Joe Sangster - thank you

    Special thanks to Joe Sangster. Thought I'm not a great photographer, I wanted to share the knife Joe made for me as part of trade deal. The photos do not depict the high level of fit / finish. Not only was Joe an absolute gentleman to deal with, this knife was received as part of the trade...
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    redo required...

    Picking up a carbon v TrailMaster later today for a song. I'm not a fan of Cold Steel, wasn't looking for one either, but really stumbled across this one for pocket change. I would like some input as to how to make it a better handled knife. A good micarta handle and maybe welding up the...
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    Introduction for redleg155

    OK - I see the forum is requesting introductions. I found "knifedogs" through an invitation from a knife maker who is a member here. I am not a knife maker, but am fond of things that are made with care and serve a purpose. I am not a frequent poster person, however I find that real...