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  1. graveyard

    Help a mutt with forge welding heat question ?

    im just a hobby knife maker ive seen a few dozen how to forge weld videos i would like to try a rasp hatchet but i have no idea if i can with charcoil and forced air i dont know how hot it needs to be google image ...
  2. graveyard

    heath treating question

    ive had these odd looking texture will these be a weaker blade & can it be fixed ?
  3. graveyard

    first time forge welding help ?

    i am new to forge welding my question well a harbier freight weed torch put out the heath need to forge weld using fire bricks for a heating chamber i want to use a rap file to make a tomahock thank,s for any advice
  4. graveyard

    help m case some worm hole wood with OUT ALUMILITE

    im a hobby only knife make i would like to possible case some slated woos but i have n space for the equipment to us ALUMILITE can anyone help me id like to us clear casing epoxy is the possible and maybe some pine cones imhank,s in advance graveyard
  5. graveyard

    ferric acid etch before ore after heath treating help ?

    i have a spring steel knife finished i want to etch a design on the hole blade with ferric do i heath treat then etch any information for a mutt thank,s all
  6. graveyard

    bone handle question do i stabilize

    i want to us a bone for a handle im thinking id us a metal sleeve inside do i need to treat the bone first ?
  7. graveyard

    first sword first habaki help ?

    im going with stock removal im add my first habki can anyone tell me with is the way to have a best fit thank,s
  8. graveyard

    first habaki soldering help ? looking for help on first soldering a brass habaki will these work for me tank,s
  9. graveyard

    help with soldering

    im attempting to make my first abaki knife collar from brass i am thinking of using my bun son butane torch will these put of the heat ill need to solder silver solder ?
  10. graveyard

    brass booster for a kukri how to make ?

    im thinking of making my first kurki but want to ask how to shape the brass booster at the Handel to blade junction any help will be appreciated
  11. graveyard

    wood carving a handel help ?

    i want to know a easy way to carve a red oak handle im adding a picture its not my work
  12. graveyard

    question,s about a sen scraper ?

    ive read to hollow grind the bottom & flat is ok can some tell me the best way & what Angil,s on the edge for forward & back sen scraping
  13. graveyard

    best stell to get hamon ??

    id like to try a hamon what steel show,s one best ?
  14. graveyard

    wood handel oils ?

    im asking what kind of oil to use on oak for a stick tang
  15. graveyard

    hamon question ?

    with todays stell 51 60 will i hamon make a stronger blade ore mostly for look.s ?
  16. graveyard

    welding a stick tang HELP

    ive make full tang knife question do i get a long bolt welded before ore after heat treating ? thank,s its sting still
  17. graveyard

    hamon question ?

    can some one point me to were to see & read how to bring out a hamon how to polish make it visible
  18. graveyard

    knife handle texture question

    i would like to add a texture to a neck knife im thinking maybe jb weld then touch with steel wool before it drys i dont like para cord any ideas welcome
  19. graveyard

    acid etch question

    i wise to ask will muriatic acid, acid etch stainless steel like ferric acid ? i can find no place to get ferric
  20. graveyard

    mutt drilling holes HELP ??

    i need to drill some holes in annealed steel one at a inch i have looked into hole saw bits are any of the any good