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    AEB—L conundrum

    I’ve recently heat treated some AEB-L, using a tried am true method I’ve used dozens if not hundreds of times. I was treating a fillet knife that I had ground fairly thin. When I was finished with the plate quench the blade was still dead soft. Could the relative thickness be the reason?
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    Stabilizing antler

    Anyone stabilize antler? I’ve done some wood with good success, but never antler. Any tips and tricks you’d share? Thanks in advance.
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    Bandsaw blades

    Does anyone here know of a readily available and/or source for a wood cutting style blade for a portable bandsaw? I kinda have a one off project, that I really should use wood blades for. That said I could always go buy a wood cutting type bandsaw, but you know, if you don’t HAVE to... thanks
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    First sharp finger

    Up until now I hadn’t done a sharp finger blade, but I figured it was about time. I still haven’t decided if it’s a style I like to use, but in the interest of growing as a blade maker, I made one. Let me know what you think.
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    My latest

    Alabama Damascus with Elk Antler and cold blued guard and pommel.
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    First Puukko

    I’d never attempted a Puukko build, until now. Quite honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the traditional design and the jury is still out for me, but the build was fun. My research determined that no ricasso and a full scandy grind are traditional features. Getting the front guard filed and fit...
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    Fresh off the bench

    This whole virus uproar has me bored out of my mind. My hot shop is off limits for a few days, so I’ve been doing some finishing.
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    Best forge

    I’d like to start dipping my toes in the world of forging. I’ve got a decent anvil, but no power tools. What I’m looking for is a SAFE, decent, production made forge, that I could possibly weld with in the future. If I get serious about welding I’ll upgrade. I’m not particularly interested in...
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    My latest

    I call this model my Duck Zipper. It’s pretty popular with my duck hunting friends. This one is AEB-L, with paper micarta and lacewood.
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    Bolo knife

    A neighbor of mine had an old guy make him a reproduction bolo for his WW 2 stuff. It needs to go on a bit of a diet to fit the original sheath. Does anyone know if the originals were single or double beveled edge?
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    My KITH knife

    I finished this knife quite a while ago, and I was waiting to exchange it before showing the finished product. I’ve been unable to reach my designated tradee, and I’m just praying he is okay. That said I’m kinda proud of how it turned out so I wanted to show it off. The blade is 52100 from AKS...
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    Talk to me about heirloom/museum fit?

    I have a pretty good idea what this, and what it looks like. The thing I’m not sure about, is the function of the form. To my eye it disrupts the flow of the knife and I can only imagine it would feel funny in the hand. Bear in mind I say this with envy and the utmost respect for those that can...
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    Ricasso?? What’s the big deal?

    Goofy title I know. But seriously, does the ricasso serve an actual function? Besides a convenient place to put a makers mark. I’ve seen some very nice knives, by talented and well respected makers, that have what I think is a giant ricasso, and to me it throws the whole thing off. My personal...
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    Finished one up.

    AEB-L stainless with brass bolster and Claro walnut scales.
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    Anyone heard from Jason Volkert?

    I’ve messaged him a few times, and last I’d heard he was having some medical issues. Haven’t heard back in a bit. Just concerned.
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    First folder... where to start

    On my list of to-dos this year is to build a folder. I getting better at fixed blades and I’d like to expand. Where does one start, to glean the most knowledge from the experience? I thought about making a few friction folders, but have came to the conclusion that I’d like to do a liner lock...
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    Cutting G10

    What is everyone using to cut G10? I’ve used my table saw, and while it cut, it dulled the blade very quickly. Same with my metal cutting bandsaw, even at low speed. I’m not afraid of investing in tools, but if there’s an inexpensive alternative to buying blades I’d love to hear about it. Thanks
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    Hamon procedure

    I’m experimenting with hamons on some 1075 and I was wondering what sanding and etching program everyone is using? This is what I have so far. Thanks in advance.
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    O1 question

    I am all setup and ready to start testing my heat treat process for O1. Quick question though. Can I/should I wrap the blades in SS foil? I can’t search O1 here because it’s too short, go figure. I was just thinking if I could avoid issues with scale I would.
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    Kev’s KITH Bowie WIP

    Here’s the start. I went back and forth between several different designs. At first I wanted to do a recurve, but everything look “too fantasy” for me or “Rambo-ish”. Then I took the fighter approach, but when I made test blades they all lacked heft. So this is what I’ve settled on.