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  1. Nikov knives

    Spear point bushcrafter.

    RWL34,4mm thick. Flat grind with secondary edge, black G10, stainless corby bolts and tube. Blade 11cm, handle 12.5cm. Leather sheath is made with ability to wear the knife for left-handed user - just flip the knife like a dagger. Custom order.
  2. Nikov knives

    5 inch drop point

    RWL34 - 5mm, flat grind, mirror polished with checkering on the spine for thumb push. Desert ironwood handle, stainless corby bolts and lanyard tube. Leather sheath with stamped wolf.
  3. Nikov knives

    Red hot chili peppers

    Skining knives. Steel - N690, red micarta and stainless corby bolts. Leather sheats. Customer order.
  4. Nikov knives

    My drop point hunter model and leather sheath for shovel.

    Two things from me: Sheath for Cold Steel shovel: Brown leather, hand stitched. And my hunter model: Mirror polished RWL34 -4mm thickness, black linen micarta with stainless corby bolts and tube and leather sheath with fire starter loop. Finishing:
  5. Nikov knives

    My recent summer work.

    Nessmuk I finished today - steel is 5.5mm 65G - spring steel, maple handle. Blade is convex grind and etched. Chef knife - steel is french grade T5MOV stainless, polished, than hand-rub to 600 sandpaper. Handle is white corian and stainless corbys. Bushcrafter in german grade O2 steel in...
  6. Nikov knives

    Orange NeverLost EDC

    K110 steel, orange G10 and kydex. blade is 8.5cm. Fixed blade EDC.
  7. Nikov knives

    Deer, wolf and compass.

    Deer, wolf and compass. I named those after the leather stamps on the sheats. Deer is general hunting knife, convex grind, O1, 4,5mm, alder burl, Brass fittings - corby bolts and tubes on all three knives. Wolf is O2 steel 3.5mm and wallnut handle Compass is again O2 - 3,5mm, spear...
  8. Nikov knives

    Bushcrafter and hunter.

    My recent creations: RWL34 -4mm, white hanex handle and stainless corby bolts and tube. Lars Falt survival knife model. Flat with secondary, scotchbrite finish. Hunting knife - RWL34 steel, desert ironwod and brass bolts and tube. Full flat with secondary edge, polished...
  9. Nikov knives

    Some recent work. A model for the russian bushcraft forum It is called Lesovik - means forest man - a man that lives and knows about the life in the woods. Steel is RWL34 4mm, convex grind, welded stainless pomel and...
  10. Nikov knives

    Convex edge on k110 and D2

    Hello there. Recently I got a lot of K110 in 3,5mm thickness for about 70 knives. I will make some hunting/general use knives in various forms, between 3 and 5 inch blades, and I tought that flat grind with secondary edge would be fine for that steel. However I wondered is that steel is capable...
  11. Nikov knives

    Do I need to protect A2 during soak?

    Do I need to protect A2 during soak? Is SS foil necessary for protection against decarb or I can have decent results with no protection? Excuse me if I double threaded.
  12. Nikov knives

    Some survival knives.

    I made a mistake again, choosing the wrong sub-forum, so this is second thread, I am sorry. Some knives from me: First one is made from 3mm spring steel 65G - simmilar to 5160. Micarta handle with tubes and Boltaron sheath. It is my idea for lightweight outdoor knife...
  13. Nikov knives

    How do you pack your knives?

    Hi, everyone. It might be silly thread, but i wonder how other knifemakers actually pack their knives. I recently used a cardboard boxes, but it seems to me that they are expensive - about 0.40 - 1.50 EU for cardboard box, and that is if you buy at least 200 boxes. I wonder are there...
  14. Nikov knives

    Some survival knives.

    Some knives from me: First one is made from 3mm spring steel 65G - simmilar to 5160. Micarta handle with tubes and Boltaron sheath. It is my idea for lightweight outdoor knife. Same steel, but 6mm thick, cord wrap and kydex.
  15. Nikov knives

    Some sceleton tacticals.

    Tactical tanto style sceleton knife. Handle is with a groove for the first finger. Steel is 65G - 6mm thick - steel is similar to 5160, clay hamon, etched. first knife is with kydex sheath. And one more with straight handle I love hamons!
  16. Nikov knives

    Hunter and bushcrafter

    Hunting knife made from 4,5мм Bogner 1.2510 - (О1) Stag, brass corby bolts and tube. Convex edge. Second knife is bushcrafter based on Lars Falt bushcrafter Flat ground with secondary edge/. Steel is 4,5мм Austrian O1 Bogner 1.2510 Ebony, stainless pins and tube.
  17. Nikov knives

    Tactical neck knife, D2, stonewashed and etched.

    My latest work: Neck knife form D2, 4.7mm thickness. Front edge is scandinavian grind, spine edge is flat grind with secondary edge. Customer is training filipino martial arts and it will be one of his EDC knives.
  18. Nikov knives

    Bushcrafter in RWL34, micarta and red fiber.

    My latest work - steel is RWL34 - 4mm, scandinavian grind, black-gray micarta, red fiber and stainless corby bolts and tube. Thanks for watching and greetings from Bulgaria. :)
  19. Nikov knives

    Knives for russian bushcrafters.

    I will introduce to you my project for the members of the russian bushcraft forum Insipration of the project came from the knife of swedish bushcraft instructor Lars Falt. It is small flat ground with secondary edge knife. Simple and practical. My version came in RWL34, 4mm...
  20. Nikov knives

    Resent knives out of my shop.

    1. Drop point RWL34-5,2mm, tapered tang, flat grind with convexed edge, 60-61HRC Handle - Ironwood with brass corby bolts ans lanyard hole tube and mosaic pin. Crappy sheath. It is like wet sock on a dryer. :biggrin: And four more...