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    WTB small heat treat furnace

    Looking for a small furnace to heat treat folder blades. Used, good condition OK. Please p.m. if you have one available. Thanks, Buddy
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    Couple of my latest flippers

    Finished a couple flippers with titanium, CPM154 and l.s.c.f. Thanks for looking, Buddy
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    Latest framelock

    Finished a framelock with CPM154 and blasted titanium. My custom pivot screws. Thanks for looking, Buddy
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    Folding Chef's Knife

    Just finished a chef's knife for a gentleman. It has a thick, .250" CPM154 blade, thickness requested by the customer. Titanium frame, Thanks for looking,
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    Titanium framelock

    Just finished a framelock, titanium frame and clip, CPM154 blade, custom pivot. About 4" closed length. Thanks for looking, Buddy
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    Latest flipper

    It's been a while since I posted here. This is my latest flipper with CPM154 blade, titanium and carbon fiber. Thanks for looking,
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    Gray Buckeye Hunter

    Finished a small hunter with stabilized buckeye burl I got from Randy Haas, here on this forum. Blade is hand rubbed 01 tool steel, stainless and pillared screws. Scales are removeable. Thanks for looking,
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    New flipper

    Finished a folder with forged and flat ground 5160 blade, titanium and carbon fiber. Thanks for looking, Buddy
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    Little bone hunter

    Finished a little knife of 01 tool steel, dovetailed 416 bolsters, jigged bone. About 7" overall length
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    Stag Hunter

    Finished a hunter with stag, stainless bolsters and 5160 blade. Thanks for looking
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    Chamblin mid-lock folder

    I'm selling a couple knives from my collection. I have this mid-lock folder made by Joel Chamblin in the 1990s. It is one of his early folders. It has nickel silver bolsters and liners, ironwood scales. 3 1/2 closed length. Not used. $325, I pay shipping and insurance in cont. US. More...
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    Pocket Pearl

    Little 3" lockback, ATS-34, 416SS, and mother of pearl. Thanks for looking, Buddy
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    Titanium Framelock

    Finished a frame lock with a forged 5160 blade and titanium. About 8 1/2" overall length.
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    Carbon Fiber Flipper

    Stainless folder
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    Crown stag Bowie

    Finished a Bowie with a 8" blade of 1080 steel and stainless fittings. Thanks
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    Damascus folder

    Just finished a folder with damascus and G10 scales. Thanks for looking
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    Stag EDC

    Little EDC, 1080 steel and stag, about 7" overall length. Thanks, Buddy
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    Stainless Damascus

    Finished a gent's folder with stainless damascus and mother of pearl. Thanks for looking, buddy
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    1084 & Stag

    Finished a 1084 forged and flat ground blade with stag and stainless fittings. Thanks for looking, Buddy
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    Pearl & Ironwood

    Finished two with ATS-34 blades, 416 bolsters. About 6 7/8" overall length. Thanks for looking, Buddy