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  1. FGYT

    let's talk work rest bevel grinding jigs.

    Heres mine a few years back Still use the same bit of angle but now gone high tech by driling some holes thru and tapping for 8-32 screws i can put them thru to support tyhe knife and on laser balnks with the same shape and hole sets get a consistant placment Heres a Crude...
  2. FGYT

    KHHI Kustom Khukuris: Review w/Pics

    For me i like longer grips with less prescriptive hand holds as it gives you more flexibility to use the knife especially larger ones in the out doors (non combat ) gives you some ability to change how the balance effects cutting ie choke fwds to get more control for fine work...
  3. FGYT

    KHHI Kustom Khukuris: Review w/Pics

    Nice but then ive used Khukhuris for over 2 decades and a KHHI for nearly half of that after all this time and being a knife maker ive avoided trying my own but have now decided I have to try its a hard bench mark as a Workhorse blade to get right ive also ordered a couple of...
  4. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    Thank you email replied
  5. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    Survive knives would be an example of the thing im after im pretty certain they dont do in house Mine would start with these for my PArang this done by hand at the moment and hand stippled but a smoothish cnc finish followed by...
  6. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    do you have a company in mind then I can have the conversation or at least check out a website and what they have don in the past for scales and finsih
  7. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    Yes im a mechanical Design engineer so happy to talk to them about options for getting the IGES files etc I will either draw them or get scanned in the ones I make by hand or send them to do it depending on how costs work out for each stage Numbers are small ie runs of 20 sets...
  8. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    HI yes they are my Main supplier of small pieces here but they only sell sheet mainly in 6" x 12" UK knife industry for this sort of thing is basically dead I do have a couple of local machine shops that I may try but that will be a learning curve I also have the option of...
  9. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    Im looking to find a company that can 3D CNC some short runs of scales for military style Fixed blades for me this full sculpt not just profile and round the edge im in the UK but it sort of makes sense to use a US company as it would save shipping of the Full sheets of G10 and...
  10. FGYT

    Lining Kydex Sheaths

    As said Kydex doesn't scratch but holds grit that does Definaly can be reduced with taping up a good space on the blade which also helps stop moisture build up I spray the inside with Dry lube silicone spray this dries to a coating and helps stop Grit and moisture sticking and...
  11. FGYT

    Bevel Grinding Question

    actually new Sharp Ceramic belts and higher speed will cut cooler if you run ceramics ( need over 5000ft/min to bne in their optimum speed) slow they will just blunt quick and rub so heat more
  12. FGYT

    Concept Military General purpose Fixed blade Knife

    yes a round hole there infringes Spyderco Trade mark ;) where as a round hole (possibly any shape hole ) in the guard area infringes the BUSSE Patient heres a few versions now made up think the Cerakote version will be the Std one in a Multicam sheath is now on test with a UK SERE...
  13. FGYT

    Carbidizer and Hot knife

    Yes heres a series of photos in a thread ( british FOrum) the guy i bought it off put up seems not made any more
  14. FGYT

    Carbidizer and Hot knife

    A couple of New Tools i've got in the last couple of months the Carbidizer is 25 ish yrs old and a big old Industrial unit used in Machine shops etc to harden the cutting edge of tools before cheap disposable tips came along I got cheap but still works and has full instructions (quite...
  15. FGYT

    Thickness of Kydex?

    depends on the knife etc I use 80 thou a default and most colours and patterns are available in this I use 93 thou on a few larger broken back sheaths and i use 60 thou very rarely some times useful for accessories even tried 30 thou once but its so thin it cools very quick
  16. FGYT

    Knife "Templates"

    I do all my design in CAD (flew a CAD desk for 20yrs so its easy for me ) even before I Got stuff Laser / waterjet cut or now if its one offs etc just print off and stick the paper to the metal center punch the holes grind to the line or you can glue to card / plastic etc and make...
  17. FGYT

    Question about pigment in epoxy

    powder pigment as does not effect the Resin i have some 1kg bottles of black n red etc of Ebay and a Multi colour sample pot in plain and Glow in the dark from Resin obsession i can make and mix any colour i need
  18. FGYT

    Pancake sheath the Easy way with templates inc slots

    oops thought i had put this up here (to many Forums) ---------------------------------------------------------- This is how Ive been doing my Sheaths for a little while works great after a few false starts to get eh right cutters etc you cna still dink the Template with the TC bit I...
  19. FGYT

    What makes a complete knife shop?

    next stop a CNC mini mill for short run G10 scales 3D milled out
  20. FGYT

    Concept Military General purpose Fixed blade Knife

    Thanks probably due to the blade length balancing out but the handle is a very long one deliberately for gloves and a variance in grip length . I have big hands and even with thick gloves there room to move As i said its not designed as a fighter so no cross guard But the...