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    Thoughts on edge stitching?

    I do the double loop lace stitch ,Mexican basket weave takes a lot of lace and is very very time consuming. I agree I find it very difficult with the thick welt. A lot of the inlay sheaths Ill do the cutting edge with double loop the rest is just a saddle stitch.

    Leather tool quality explanation

    I know that custom made tools are better not because they are custom because the quality of steel the hardening and tempering and the skilled use of a cnc .I have never been a big fan of big name products most the time the guy over prices himself because he could care less if he sells anything...

    Shopping for a new camera

    Holy crap george thats a fortune in lenses you own. I have been reading alot online going to the review area on you tube and watching the reviews done by the pros , lots of goof ball to weed out but there is some really good info. I have been looking at other brands of camera lenses .Now Ive...

    Shopping for a new camera

    I havnt been in here in a while, but seen you posted to the thread so thought ide reply. I have now had the camera for about 2 months. Now lenses are pretty much endless, I opted for the kit lenses for the simple reason that they are cheap and if I ruin them im out 3 hundred dollars tops per...

    big skinner

    Looks like a nice tight fit. The only thing I see that needs more attention is the mosaic pins must line up or dont use them it can make a good job look bad. Kellyw

    SEEING SPOTS! Need some advice.

    Randy you daughter is right Mr google knows everything just ask him lmao

    Shopping for a new camera

    I choose this camera and got the 2 lens kit because its the number one rated entry level pro camera for the money rated by north american consumer guide. I like the touch screen feature this helps people like me get into phtography alot easier as it walks you through as you go pretty much. Kinda...

    1 sheath 2 knifes

    The bead work must take a long time very nice.

    Shop Pictures

    Dam thats a clean shop I need lessons on how to keep it that clean wow.

    Questions about the uses of the different leather weights

    You sure got alot of good advice , all I can say and add is you get what you pay for. I was buying low end veg tan leather and stepped up and bought some 10 dollar a sq ft leather and all I can say is I missed the boat. The leather carves 3 times cleaner better and stamps and dye s way way more...

    Wearing a knife with braces.

    Liam see if you can find a cell phone clip tandy leather sells them . You can rivot it on and no belt needed. later kellyw

    One mistake after another !

    We all go through times some of us are just to proud to tell about them . I just spent 7 or 8 hours finishing a mosaic damascus skinner, I get to the last grit hands sanding the handle its a killer red wood burl awesome and im shoe shine polishing 800 grit and I snapped the blade. It was...

    A non-matching pair of knives WIP.

    Liam your off to a good start. I see Laurence is helping with advice keep up the good work.Just remember slow and steady wins the race. later kellly

    Shopping for a new camera

    Laurence I did just that, I found a smoker deal and my wife bought it for me for a anniversary giftits been 28 years some ruff but mostly you couldnt ask for better. My wife is the soul of our family. I changed my mind and found out that the t3i was the number 1 camera but the new t4i rebel d650...

    Shopping for a new camera

    Guys I ve really been hitting the web sites reading till my brain hurts and Im done researching . I made a slightly wrong choice, thye t31 was made about 2 and a halfd years ago its a great camera but in june they came out with the CANON REBEL T4i 650d its the big brother to the T3i but its got...

    Kydex Press

    I made a sheath today for one of the first knives I ve ever made. I used the electric frying pan now , when my wife and I got married some 25 plus years ago some one gave us a a warming tray for hot meals in bed. I pluged it in and it got to about 250 maybee 300. I tryed and the temperature of...

    Kydex Press

    Skor I have to say that you will have trouble with the press . I just made on the other day I have to get my foam but wow the press has to be fast you only have a few seconds and then it will not mold properly. Just my honest opinion look at the tutorial Tracey did its an excellent press. Kellyw

    First Timer - Double Bit Axe Mask

    Steven wow you improved alot just from a few honest comments. I wish I could improve that fast lol i m old I guess lol kellyw

    Knife pictures

    thanks john Im old but learning. Ive decided not to waste my time and everyone elses and buy a good camera. I have changed my mind several times and was going to go with consumers guide the canon t3i 600d but nope im going with the new canon rebel t4i 650d it has a 3 inch touch screen and im...

    Kydex Sheath Tutorial 4 part video 46 minutes

    Tracey excellent tutorial I will make one tommorrow. Where did you buy the 1 inch thick Neopren. I have never seen it that thick. ??? thanks kellyw