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  1. Eli Gautreaux

    Customs From My Collection

    Wow Jon, I've seen most of these before, but never all in one thread. Seeing them all together is most impressive! You have great taste my friend.
  2. Eli Gautreaux

    Hey bro, I've been online less lately, just tied up with the new semester... And I haven't...

    Hey bro, I've been online less lately, just tied up with the new semester... And I haven't made a knife in forever (been doing leatherwork with the little free time I've had.). But the weather is going to change soon and im looking forward to lighting up the forge again! Your recent work has...
  3. Eli Gautreaux

    My Benchmade Collection

    Goodness, that is incredible! I just don't think I've ever seen a collection quite like that, Congrats to you, that involved some serious searching I'm sure.
  4. Eli Gautreaux

    Burt Foster MS, Ivory Laminated Fighter

    That is such an incredible piece, Congrats!!!
  5. Eli Gautreaux


    my number was taken (thanks for the heads up), so i'll try 602
  6. Eli Gautreaux

    Ebony give away

    I'm in, THANKS!
  7. Eli Gautreaux

    Ironwood Giveaway.

    I'm in, THANKs!
  8. Eli Gautreaux

    Ed Caffrey EB3

    Very nice bro, that one looks extremely functional AND it's a looker!
  9. Eli Gautreaux

    Engraved fighter

    That's a beautiful knife Greg, one that anyone would be extremely proud to own. Your pics are good, but be sure to show us what Jim comes up with as well...
  10. Eli Gautreaux

    Message from Grandpa Ray

    Right on! Congrats Ray, that's awesome news. I'm extremely happy for you.
  11. Eli Gautreaux

    Raymond Richard's "Pacific Northwest Bowie"

    Phil, I'm not Ray, but have had the privilege of handling a ton of his knives, most of which are marked on the spine. Ray likes the discreet mark, as opposed to a large detracting one on the flat of the blade.
  12. Eli Gautreaux

    Raymond Richard's "Pacific Northwest Bowie"

    Congrats Ray! Glad they got the article done, that's a beautiful knife and an awesome cause!
  13. Eli Gautreaux

    The Winner of the Sub Hilt Fighter is:

    Congrats Jerry!!!
  14. Eli Gautreaux


    Ken, I've been on the road and just heard this sad news. I am so very sorry for your loss. Our family is sincerely praying for yours during this time.
  15. Eli Gautreaux

    Sub Hilt fund raiser WIP

    You guys did an amazing job! This has been an incredible thread to follow, thanks Bruce.
  16. Eli Gautreaux

    My latest sheath

    Wow, that is excellent work!
  17. Eli Gautreaux

    Some recent sheaths

    Nice as always Paul. Let me know when you get sick of that John White knife :D
  18. Eli Gautreaux

    Engraved fighter

    This is coming together beautifully, I can't wait to see the finished knife.
  19. Eli Gautreaux

    Subhilt with Walrus Ivory

    Lin, that is absolutely stunning!