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  1. FGYT

    3D CNC scales in G10 recommend a company

    Im looking to find a company that can 3D CNC some short runs of scales for military style Fixed blades for me this full sculpt not just profile and round the edge im in the UK but it sort of makes sense to use a US company as it would save shipping of the Full sheets of G10 and...
  2. FGYT

    Carbidizer and Hot knife

    A couple of New Tools i've got in the last couple of months the Carbidizer is 25 ish yrs old and a big old Industrial unit used in Machine shops etc to harden the cutting edge of tools before cheap disposable tips came along I got cheap but still works and has full instructions (quite...
  3. FGYT

    Pancake sheath the Easy way with templates inc slots

    oops thought i had put this up here (to many Forums) ---------------------------------------------------------- This is how Ive been doing my Sheaths for a little while works great after a few false starts to get eh right cutters etc you cna still dink the Template with the TC bit I...
  4. FGYT

    Concept Military General purpose Fixed blade Knife

    Like many on here i've made a few Knives for Serving personnel etc and also have my own ideas so i started this as a side project to make a Knife that's generally useful to a soldier in the field for everyday tasks but still retains the ability as a last resort self defence weapon...
  5. FGYT

    Jungle PArang for UK Forces SERE Training School

    This is the Parang i've been working on over the last year with UK forces SERE Chief Instructor John Hudson Specifically for their Jungle training courses as the issue Golock is not suitable and the local boght Brunei Parangs have a tendency for their handles to let go of the blades...
  6. FGYT

    Ulu My first try at this style

    HI Im from England and make new models when i get interested in a style or type Looking back at old well used designs you gus in North america have some great native blades to draw on I started on the Nessmuk then spent a fair time looking int the Crooked Knives and...
  7. FGYT

    Blue and Carbon fiber Kydex for a Stu Wilson Tanto

    Heres one that Stu W made the mistake of saying " Do what ever you feel like for the Sheath" Ive wanted to try some layered pierced Kydex to see what effect you can have fittted to a tek lok large with stainless steel Chicago bolts gloss back finish for horizontal carry so...
  8. FGYT

    Jungle Parangs Large kydex

    Just finished these blades and sheaths for the UK Army SERE Chief instructor to play with on the next instructor Training course in Brunei 2 pieces of 5" x 17" 0.093" Kydex
  9. FGYT

    What type of paint recommended to spray on to Kydex ??

    Hi as the title can any body recommend the best type of paint to spray on to Kydex that wont flake off and can be put thro a hobby spray gun ATB Duncan
  10. FGYT

    How to----- Kydex, Bits, tools and Making Videos by me

    Hi I been making a series of Videos on how i do Kydex ( in the UK ) for my Knives I started a couple of years ago mainly because i didnt get on with Leather and as an engineer it appeals the Videos are aimed at UK based people so ref to suppliers etc are biased that way However Kydex is...
  11. FGYT

    Hi From Dorset .....England ( the old one )

    HI Im Duncan from Dorset in England Im a stay at home Dad who was a Design and production Engineer . I started making a couple of knives by hand to get me in the shed away from the Nappies (diapers) for a break and so i could try a few designs for bush crafting without spending...