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  1. MTBob

    TUS Stencil Cracks & finger nail polish?

    After less than a dozen applications my stencils from TUS are developing hair line cracks aground the image. Those cracks show up on the steel as small spider web lines around the image. I'm using a Personalizer Plus typically set at 3.5-4 and do a 2 step cycle, first etching then marking. I...
  2. MTBob

    Metal Progression - What's Next After 1084?

    As a beginner knife maker, I've been using 1084 steel. I think I've got the heat treatment figured out, thanks to Kevin Cashen's DVD and the amazing information on this forum. I'm now interested in exploring other high carbon steel alloys. I want to stay with high carbon steel since I don't...
  3. MTBob

    G/Flex Expoxy Bond

    I'm new to this forum, and I've tried to find the answer to these questions in previous postings related to bonding epoxy, specifically G/Flex 655. Two Questions: 1: I know that epoxy needs a roughened surface to bond adequately. I've used a dremel tool to roughen the surface on a few...
  4. MTBob

    Hello From Montana

    As a long time hobby metalworker and newbie knife maker, I'd like to begin conversations with you'all as a way to improve my knife making skills. I have just gotten to the level of knife making where I'm beginning to understand what I don't know, and hopefully ask some reasonably intelligent...