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    Did Jesus visit the Americas?

    Ill just wait to ask Him personally!
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    HHH Knives Custom Nikari X3

    as usual--awesome
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    Thank you..

    My Brother-- you are for sure blessed with your hands being the hands of God-- Both you and Randy Jr are some of the best friends a person could ever have. I am honored to call you both my Brothers! Your work is stellar and ever increasing in quality and imagination. I am more impressed with...
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    Been away for a bit

    Well all, I have not been here for a while-- A lot has happened in the past few months. I moved to the new studio, moved to a new house, am going to get married in May, and dealt with cancer recently as well as doing my regular day job and trying to do my sculpting, Thor Hammers and working on...
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    HHH Bling Things!

    I have seen a lot of these up close and personal-- they are wayy better in person-- you wont regret getting any of these.
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    Smelt #4

    you just wanna make a knife out of anything but what you are supposed to!!!!!
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    I have seen TSO a couple of times-- and without a doubt-- they put on on helluva show--- i would go back again and again.
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    Whoa. Freaking awesome!
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    Wrought Iron

    Where at in Michigan?
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    Question: Stacked leather knife handle

    Im willing to bet it will work with just about anything but suede-- too soft unless you put something on it to harden it.
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    Stingrey Sword

    Here is one that I have had in my shop for about 3 years and finally have decided to finish it up. Handle is solid aluminum, blade is a stainless mix, not really sure what , its been so long since I got it. I will be wrapping the areas in the handle between the tail with real stingray skin as...
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    Meteorite and musk ox! What a great combination!!

    I kind of have a little hand in this one as I got the meteorite for Randy-- But thats the extent of my involvement other than just fellowship with the Randy's. JR does some fantastic work with the steels and Randy is a master at his art with the blades and handles. I held this bad boy...
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    Question: Stacked leather knife handle

    I make stacked leather handles for my thor hammers. I buy precut and punched leather washers, soak them for days or weeks, use a threaded rod and metal washer to compress them, dry them in the oven on low heat, recompress, dry more, recompress, sand, shape and polish with shoe wax and then wood...
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    Knife Making Suppliers

    a few dead links in there-- Just sayin--
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    Blue Lightning Stecil

    I think Ernie has some of the best stuff around-- I have gotten a couple from him in the past. Thery work fantastic and I couldnt be happier. I just recently sent him another one to do and strangely I got emails with just 2 words in them--"I pass" I send a response asking why and got another...
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    Prayers needed bigtime!!!!

    On my knees before the throne
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    An experiment that may work-- Mastadon Teeth

    First off let me say that Randy and I went to church this morning and WOW-- what a powerful message. It brought communion to us in a way that so very much brought to light what Jesus did for us!!!! It was a vivid illustration of how Christ humbled himself for us and what he actually did. One I...
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    An experiment that may work-- Mastadon Teeth

    I bought a couple of Mastodon teeth thinking that I was just gonna bring em home, slice em up and viola-- awesome handle scales. I mean, I got them for such a great deal. I ran off after buying them and acted like Gollem-- "My Precious" LOL So As I started to slice into them., the edges were...