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    Brand new RMJ tomahawk

    Dark grey cerakote black g10 rmj bushcrafter made of 52100, designed by krein blades made by rmj tactical. Custom molded kydex sheath, never been used to even cut paper, shaving sharp. Paid $465 for it, like to see $375 but open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking It's this exact...
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    The start of a CNC'd knife

    This is fantastic work man
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    BENCHMADE model 62 for sale

    Bump still available. Can do $200 shipped priority
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    BENCHMADE model 62 for sale

    Let's sweeten the deal. $225
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    BENCHMADE model 62 for sale

    Brand new, hasn't cut anything. I flipped it open and close no aerials or crazy town stuff. It's beautiful the build quality is amazing but butterfly knives aren't for me. My loss your gain. Paid $325 after tax. Shipped anywhere in the us for $250 i can email pictures upon request
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    New forging press build

    Cant wait to see more! Thanks for sharing.
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    Crazzy Micarta

    GORGEOUS!!! Great work! Ive seen others put beans or bb's before pressing to give it random swirls or imprints neat stuff
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    Nate the Machinist 1 degree bevel steel disc

    Looking for one, he isnt planning on doing another run and I missed out on the last group order. If anyone has one they arent using Ill pay what you paid for it or even a but above. Let me know Thanks for your time. Tim
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    AEB-L and Blue Maple Burl

    Gorgeous work sir! I love that makers mark as well.
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    O1 Chopper

    Gorgeous work man!
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    Ferric chloride how do I mix it

    Have you smelled bluing? Not everyone is affected similar to asparagus haha, but for some reason bluing smells so bad, not in a smells rotten. More of a smells like its poisoning my brain. I hate it. Also bluing isnt food safe, I dont know about you but I like to use my knives on my food...
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    Pics of knives I've made and WIP

    Fantastic work man!
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    7" Tanto

    Gorgeous work Ben! Out of curiosity how wide is the blade?
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    I need steel selection advice?

    Taylormade- just curious have you used aebl and 154? I find the exact opposite and have made 20 different knives in aebl and 6-7 in cpm154. AEBL is the finest grained steel carbon or stainless I have used. It behaves EXACTLY like a good carbon that just happens to be stainless. If I could...
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    TAG 101 grinder or TW 90 grinder

    Tw-90 all day every day. I was VERY hesitant about the tw-90. After you talk to Travis on the phone, then when you plug it in and it runs perfect, I wish I would have bought it a year ago and saved myself the trouble. A machine shop owner came over to my house because I couldnt stop talking...
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    first hatchet finished...

    Looks awesome man.
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    What do you call that work table thing for the Metal band saw.

    ^^ worth every penny and my second favorite tool next to my tw-90. Seriously life is so much better with a table for the portaband lol
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    Smiling Wedge Razor WIP

    Gorgeous work sir. I have a thread of yours saved from another forum I just realized. I need more contact wheels so I can give this a whirl. Love those straights. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing.
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    Prayer request for my wife

    Smoke and good juju man. Good thoughts for the wife.
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    First Hatchet..440-C

    gorgeous! Outside the box for sure, I really like it.