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    Been away for a bit

    Well all, I have not been here for a while-- A lot has happened in the past few months. I moved to the new studio, moved to a new house, am going to get married in May, and dealt with cancer recently as well as doing my regular day job and trying to do my sculpting, Thor Hammers and working on...
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    Stingrey Sword

    Here is one that I have had in my shop for about 3 years and finally have decided to finish it up. Handle is solid aluminum, blade is a stainless mix, not really sure what , its been so long since I got it. I will be wrapping the areas in the handle between the tail with real stingray skin as...
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    An experiment that may work-- Mastadon Teeth

    I bought a couple of Mastodon teeth thinking that I was just gonna bring em home, slice em up and viola-- awesome handle scales. I mean, I got them for such a great deal. I ran off after buying them and acted like Gollem-- "My Precious" LOL So As I started to slice into them., the edges were...
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    Valentines present for MLady

    I have been considering what to get my precious Lady for Valentines day-- you know the usual stuff, flowers, candy, jewels, etc-- I decided that she would appreciate something different and that was made by me. So this morning I got up and came up with this-- It is Wenge, Koa and not 100%...
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    Conan Axe

    Here is a piece I was commissioned to do. The client is 6'-4" tall, weighs 250 and is a bodybuilder. You may see this one running around at Wondercon in March. Solid aluminum blades, solid oak handle. Everything is hand done- Cut out the blades on a portaband, will be shaping the handle with...
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    New life for an old Tanto WIP

    Here is an old Tanto that I did many many years ago when I thought I knew what I was doing--I bought the blank and figured, this cant be that hard to do. I actually welded the guard on it with a stick welder LOL :what!: (which I have ground off since) It had cocobolo handles that I brought back...
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    Im gonna need a bigger knife!!!!!

    OK-- the picture says it all--
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    Solid Granite Mjolnir

    Here are some projects I am working on among the many I have going-----
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    Christmas presend from my Lady Katie

    Christmas present from my Lady Katie She just told me that I will be getting the Grizzly G1015 knife belt grinder buffer with an additional 10 in wheel and lots of belts for my belated Christmas present. What a woman! She asked me what else I needed as well.:what!::60:
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    24 hour Meteorite Damascus

    There is quite a story behind this piece. Suffice to say that Randy rose to the challenge and created this masterpiece in about 24 hours from rough billet of Meteorite Damascus to the work of art that you see here. God has blessed him with talents far beyond what Im sure he even knows. That...
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    Tragedy in my city-- from my church and kids need help

    This couple was from the church I attend-- such a shock. The 3 children are going to need help. Im reaching out to all the brothers and sisters to do what we are called to do. Thanks all. You can contact the church to donate to the Stutz family fund...
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    DVD done by our small church going Nationwide

    Our church did a full length feature film using people form our church, music composed, written and performed by people from our church, all filming and editing, everything was done by our little church here in Imlay City. This was just going to be for a series of messages, but it got noticed by...
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    My "first" one again WIP???

    I made a couple of knives our of the big old thick hacksaw blades in the past-- they were nothing to brag about but were kinda cool. So after hanging here for a while and going out to HHH shop quite a bit, I have the bug. So Randy gave me an old blank chewed up he had and a block of some...
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    Etching templates and stencils

    Hey there Dogs-- I want to try etching my logo on my aluminum Thor hammers that I make, and want to try some of the battery/Q tip methods before I spend the $$$$ on a professional unit, if I even need to.. I was wanting to see if anyone had the ability to print out my logo for me in the...
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    Knive Illustrated Dec and Knives Illustrated Buyers Guide 2012

    Check out the latest issue of Knives Illustrated Dec issue. On page 63 you will see my ad In the buyers guide it is on page 33. check it out. Some really good stuff in these issues as well!!
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    Grizzly grinder belt attachment

    I have a 1725 RPM G1061Z Grizzly buffer/grinder and need the belt sanding attachment that would go with this. If anyone has one that wants to part with it get with me. I have a 1" output shaft. Thanks Clay
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    Eaglewood Meeting with Stan Lee In LA Here is the official announcement of the Thor Hammer that I made being signed and auctioned off . Get to spend some time with Stan while I am there this weekend
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    Who did I talk to down off of 94??

    I talked with someone a few days ago about stopping by and seeing them on my trip from Chicago to Detroit and I go right by 94. They gave me thier address and phone number but I cant find the email. I am making the trip today so call me-- 810-358-0209 and Ill try to swing by!!! Clay
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    Eaglewood from Michigan

    Hey there all I have already got some stuff going here with Randy, Del and Frank, but figured Id better give a formal introduction. First and foremost I give all glory to God for the talents he has given me and for the many blessings in my life . Then I have my fiance Kate who supports me...