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    Brand new RMJ tomahawk

    Dark grey cerakote black g10 rmj bushcrafter made of 52100, designed by krein blades made by rmj tactical. Custom molded kydex sheath, never been used to even cut paper, shaving sharp. Paid $465 for it, like to see $375 but open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking It's this exact...
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    BENCHMADE model 62 for sale

    Brand new, hasn't cut anything. I flipped it open and close no aerials or crazy town stuff. It's beautiful the build quality is amazing but butterfly knives aren't for me. My loss your gain. Paid $325 after tax. Shipped anywhere in the us for $250 i can email pictures upon request
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    Nate the Machinist 1 degree bevel steel disc

    Looking for one, he isnt planning on doing another run and I missed out on the last group order. If anyone has one they arent using Ill pay what you paid for it or even a but above. Let me know Thanks for your time. Tim
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    Flat platen question?

    New grinder a few weeks ago, and just out of curiosity. Do I want the platen to push in front of the two contact wheels, or right in line with them or behind the wheels just slightly? Questions Ive never thought to ask are coming up, figured you fine folk could point me in the right direction...
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    Thoughts on making work rest slick?

    Without oil, something reasonably permanent? I looked at the fancy 3m 5490 slick tape and love the idea, but its $130+ for 36" that is prohibitively expensive. Trying not to scratch my blanks as much when close to finishing so either putting tape on the flats, or covering the work rest. I...
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    heat treating 4140 prehard?

    Would it be possible to get some 4140/4142 that is prehard around 30-40rc and just heat treat the edge of a chopper I am making with a torch to non magnetic then quench in oil? Also what tempering range would I be looking at if I was shooting for 56-57? I promise I have looked but the info I...
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    Whats wrong with my KMG 2x72??

    Alright guys, I have had sneaking suspicion ever since I got my kmg that something wasnt quite right. It grinds well, and I love the machine to death. I will take it to my grave. Its the 3 speed pulley, with a leeson single phase motor. Having said that, I NEVER use the fastest speed because...
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    blade grind how to ?

    I cant stop looking at the randall model 25. I cant figure out how to link a picture, but if anyone could offer any insight into how I could attempt this grind?
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    Heat treating 1080/1084 in a forge?

    Looking to get a chile forge, and I know the temps run wayyy to hot, my theory is put a 2" or 3" square tube inside to act as a baffle and even out the heating? Thoughts, comments, concerns? Would love to hear them Thanks guys!!
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    contact wheel only for hogging and handle contouring?

    say I only want to hog metal and do some handle contouring, really have no interest in hollow grinds. Which wheel, 8" or 10" ? Appreciate any insight.
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    Small piece of titanium?

    Im looking for .25 thick 2"x2" piece of titanium for a little project. I dont need a whole sheet sadly, just one little piece if anyone has one let me know and we can work out a price or whatever. Appreciate your time.
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    Small Dewar?

    Looking for something say 12-15" long, 2-3" in diameter. Are they always that expensive? seems like what I can find is around $2-300 Thanks for any help guys.
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    Heat treat procedure of A2

    Alright so my goal is 60. when it says heat to "" and equalize, does that mean just hold it then increase temp to the next equalize. Also all these hold times say 30-45min per inch of thickness, Im doing 1/8 to 3/16 so does that mean 6-12 mins? Also some say not to increase more than 400...
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    Paragon 12 key vs 3 key?

    Im looking at the km18d or the km14xpress. Im just curious if the 12 key is worth $240 extra? I mainly plan on working with tool steels if that helps.
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    How thin of steel can I hollow grind?

    I have a 12" contact wheel. How thin of stock can I use without making the hollow for lack of a better word too thin. I understand I can feather and move the hollow up and down. Im more asking from a theoretical sense. I saw a lot of older makers use 3/16 and 8" wheels. Very interested in...
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    My first matched set!

    Larger one is AEB-l at 61, red linen micarta, scandi ground at 15 degrees a side, g flex epoxy, loveless bolt and lanyard tube Smaller one is Elmax at 61, red linen micarta, scandi ground 15 a side, g flex epoxy, stainless steel pins
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    Counter bores?

    Trying to track down a counter bore. Looking for a 5/32 pilot, 1/4 hole. doesnt need to be carbide, its gonna be used drilling canvas micarta and wood. Appreciate it.
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    lanyard hole problems

    So I finished 20 blanks before heat treat, pin hole and lanyard hole drilled. They all came back from heat treat at 61rc. My problem, is my lanyard stock wont fit. I used a 1/4 cobalt bit before heat treat, then checked with the same bit after and the hole didnt shrink. However, solid rods...
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    Hollow grinding!?

    Alright, finally got myself a 12" contact wheel. Curious if some of your more accomplished makers could help me out with the concept. I see some people just pull the blade across the wheel(edge up) and then pull the handle towards themselves when they hit the belly of the blade. Others I...
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    Block of canvas micarta?

    I am looking for a rather large block of canvas micarta. Something like 1.5" wide, 2" thick, and 16" long. Preferably brown canvas but black would be ok too. I am building a longbow and want my riser to be out of canvas micarta but having a hard time finding a piece that size. I can find...