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  1. ziozeb

    Tutorial on my web site

    Thank you.
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    Tutorial on my web site

    Some tutorials for knifemakers on my page. Enjoy the reading…tutorials-tips-and-tricks
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    Tek Karambit

    Steel D2 4 mm (0,15") Total length 20 cm (7.8") Length blade 10 cm (4") Handle C-Tek and yellow spacers. Leather sheath by Kiara
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    How to make an hamon. My way

    You have to bevel a blade leaving a thickness at around 1,5 mm . the blade was finshed now with 120 coarse paper . Now you have to draw the shape of the blade on a see-through sheet . on which you have to mark the hamon line Cut from the sheet the line of the hamon and use it for making both...
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    Tutorial for a bowie

    :biggrin: Thanks
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    Steel: becut 5 mm (0,19") Total length 25.3 cm (10") length blade 14 cm (5.5") Handle: chestnut burl and black spacers Taper tang. Leather sheath by Kiara
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    Blue paper

    Thanks. All sheaths of my knives are made by my wife Kiara
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    Blue paper

    Steel Blue paper thickness 3,2mm (0.12''). Total length of 23 cm (9"). Length blade 11 cm (4.3"). Handle: buckeye burl. Steel guard. Leather sheath by Kiara
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    Steel 440C 5 mm (0,19") Total length 20 cm (7.9") Length blade 9 cm (3.5") Handle G10. Leather sheath by Kiara
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    ICCE succeeds!

    Fantastic show. Maker of top quality (not me :biggrin: ). I was very proud to be in that room. I booked the table for next year. Denis
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    Mammoth Ivory Slipjoint for ICCE.

    WOWWW!!!!!! Great knife!
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    Steel 440C thickness 5mm (0.19'').Total length of 23,3 cm (9.1"). Length blade 10,8 cm (4.2"). Handle: boxwood. Micarta guard and Carbon Fiber pin. Leather sheath by Kiara
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    Carbon fighter

    Steel 440C 5mm (0.19") Total length 22 ,5 cm (8.8"). Blade length 11cm (4.3"). Handle carbon fiber and red spacers. Taper tang Sheath by Kiara
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    Tony Miller Knives

    Great knife!
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    Steel W2 thickness 7mm (0.27"). Total length 37,5 cm (14.8") . Blade length 24,8 cm (9.8"). Copper guard and black spacer. Handle juniperus. Leather sheath by Kiara
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    The Traveler WIP

    Stunnung WIP!
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    Steel carbon damascus 300 layers, thickness 4,8mm (0.19"). Total length 33 cm (13") . Blade length 19 cm (7.5"). Guard steel 416. Black spacers. Handle stabilized ash Leather sheath by Kiara
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    Hippo dagger

    Steel 440C thickness 5mm (0.19"). Total length 24 cm (9.4") . Blade length 12.7 cm (5"). Handle: stabilized horse chestnut Taper tang Engraving by Antonio Montejano Snake sheath by Kiara