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  1. mpcoppin

    Galvanized Container For Quench Oil

    Sometimes you get an idea that you think is brilliant but then wonder, “If this is so brilliant, why aren’t other people doing it?” Today I had one of those. I saw this this galvanized pitcher and thought I could use it as a quench tank. I’d pour the oil from my plastic jug in to the pitcher...
  2. mpcoppin

    Learning from mistakes.

    I screwed up a bowie I was making from a rasp. So... I broke it to look at the grain. Would you say this is course grain?
  3. mpcoppin

    Baffle Pipe Thickness

    I’m planning to get a section of pipe to stick in to my forge and use as a baffle (or muffle, or whatever you call it) when I’m heat treating and I was wondering what kind of wall thickness people have been using. My forge is an 18” 3 burner (venturi) with a 4 x 6 opening and I’m thinking of...