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  1. Drill Sergeant

    US Bayonet model 1942

    This is an excellent example of the WWII U.S. Bayonet Model 1942. It was manufactured for the the Springfield 1903 and M1 (Garand). It is marked at the ricasso with U.F.H. FOR Union Fork and Hoe, 1942. the blade is 16" in length. This is the same length as the earlier 1905 bayonet. The main...
  2. Drill Sergeant

    WWII U.S.N. & U.S.A.F. Survival Raft Knife

    This knife was developed for use with the floating, rubber survival rafts that were supplied to air crews and naval forces in WWII. It is manufactured by Western and was attached with a cord, to keep it from becoming lost. Please note that this knife has a wooden handle that causes the knife to...
  3. Drill Sergeant

    US M3 Fighting Knife; M1 Carbine

    When the M1 Carbine was first issued it was produces without a bayonet lug, as part of the barrel band. Instead, the M3 knife was issued to all who carried the carbine. These are getting difficult to find, as when the Carbines were returned for repair, later in the War, the new old barrel band...
  4. Drill Sergeant

    US Mark 4 Fighting Knife USMC

    This is an example of the WWII U.S.M.C. FIGHTING-UTILITY KNIFE: Camillus, Marked at the Ricasso. 7” Blade. Pinned Pommel. Leather-washer handle. Unsharpened. Black Leather Scabbard. Too many to show, so just offering samples. Hope you enjoy. . .
  5. Drill Sergeant

    The US Mark 2 Fighting Knife Rare 1st Design

    This is the rare US Mark 2 Fighting Knife 1st Design. There were very few manufactured. Please note the threaded nut in the butt. Reference: Coles III, Page 86. The knife and scabbard are mint.
  6. Drill Sergeant

    A few WWII Fighting Knives/Bayonets

    I am preparing to sell what's left of my collections, so I've having photos taken. Here are just a few from my WWII collection. Hope you enjoy. . .
  7. Drill Sergeant

    Bone scales

    I have a nice Case Congress pocket knife. Unfortunately, I have a habit of leaving it in my jeans watch pocket. My wife has the habit of washing my jeans and well, you can guess the rest. I can oil the blades and the joints; however the scales are bone and they are looking tired and dull. I...