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  1. ghostdevil273

    New Knife for 2020......

    Hello knife guys and gals have not been on here much been working 1 full-time and 1 part-time job last 7 months have had time post anything . I have been working on new knife design found awesome program online "Draftsight" man what game changer took me sometime figure it out how use it...
  2. ghostdevil273

    What's going on in your shop?

    Well after 5 years making knives as hobby I decided step up build my heat treat oven for 2020, have most the parts do just need find the time. I got $300.00 in parts. Saving over $1000.00 I guess. I have few folders on the bench but with my "Harley" I am building. firearms hobby and the V8 s10...
  3. ghostdevil273

    A potential order

    Holy cow 100 knife order. Not much for knife making is hobby for me. I work "regular" 70 hour work week with 1 full-time as autobody guy, part-time at gas station. I had 6 knives for 2019, not counting 10 just did for me lol, just make as I said just hobby but I have sold few in last...
  4. ghostdevil273

    Looking titanium button head

    Hello everyone I dont get on here much and post...for help. But I am at wits end...I have been everywhere I can think of...I am looking for 2-56x.750" titanium button head torx screws. Yes I been everywhere even that was my 1st place always 2nd in
  5. ghostdevil273

    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    Some things "tool" wise one the shop...scare me, Nov 2018 I had an a band-saw accident. nip the end of my finger, just a split second....Boom end cut off...will not go in to details, but since that day forward I am 100% shore I am awake. Being that said I was up till 300am the night cut my...
  6. ghostdevil273

    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    Don't know to many people on here. But in knife making community we are all different one way or another, think we can call each other friends. I been following a few guys and gals, on youtube if was not for youtube don't think i would have gotten as far as I have come. I watched several 1000's...
  7. ghostdevil273


    Mmmmm files deep question.. i personally use any file that works, as of now i use nicolson files. I work at a hardware and industrial store. When i started there 7 years ago I invested in some files, 90%% them where MADE IN USA, the store been in business for 130 years so they have a big...
  8. ghostdevil273

    Why do you make knives? Poll

    Why do I make knives? Thats very deep question..I think alot people make knives because they can and will. For me I make them for hobby end of it. I have been clean and sober from drugs and alky for 19 years as of 11/02/2018. For me i have tried so many hobbies get my mind of drugs, did car...
  9. ghostdevil273

    Pivot Lap Basic (Out of Stock)

    @BossDog any updates on Knife Dog Pivot Lap thanks
  10. ghostdevil273

    Just quick update

    Been coming here for months really have nothing to post about my knives, my knives look like crap, compared to all the knives I have seen on here, hope one day be as nice as all on here. I did post a pic of one I am working on, I dont have no fancy milling machine, lathe. All the work done by...
  11. ghostdevil273

    Pivot Lap Basic (Out of Stock)

    @BossDog when do think theses will be back in stock as well as the 2-56 carbine counter bore. Pivot Lap been out stock for sometime. I did do the email notification on both... Thanks Jeff (Ghostdevil Designs)
  12. ghostdevil273


    That there sir is very cool tool. I got 1x30 laying around don't that I have the craftsman 2x42... :)
  13. ghostdevil273

    Pictures Continued Carbon Ti Liner Lock

    Thanks for comment guys means alot to me took time look and comment means knife maker yet ....but feel getting close....:)
  14. ghostdevil273

    Carbon fiber Ti liner lock in process With few questions....

    Thanks Mr.Mickley you commenting on my post is worth $1,000,000.00.. I get to the grinding of the just get right down scared, all the work put into it "BOOM" there goes the blade start over. I have down 4 liner lock knives so far with usaknifemaker templates.... there best $25.00 i have ever...
  15. ghostdevil273

    Pictures Continued Carbon Ti Liner Lock

    More Pics :)
  16. ghostdevil273

    Carbon fiber Ti liner lock in process With few questions....

    Been making knives for about 3 years, went liner locks about 1 1/2 ago. Using usaknifemaker template tweaking them a bit...trying different materiel. Really like carbon fiber scales. Using .071" titanium for liners. Biggest trouble i have is the lock on the blade and grinding...