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    On the topic of bending/force/geometry

    I am posting a quote from Kevin Cashen made on KnifeNetwork way back in 2011, was hoping Kevin or anyone can help to clarify. I am confused on the whole bending/force/geometry/HT thing. Terminology is extremely important especially in this discussion. I hope I don't bugger things up. "How...
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    The purpose of this sub forum

    Mods, I see quite a lot of questions concerning how to heat treat a blade on this sub-forum. Maybe I am being over critical and analytical here, but I think this sub-forum should be limited to the talk of blade steels, their compositions, what works best where and why, etc. There is a separate...
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    Your thoughts on carbon steel edge retention on hunting knife

    I need your help! Friend of mine wants a knife, this may turn into a "run" of knives for his hunting business. Steel cost and availability is of concern, but right now I would like your opinion on which steel might come out ahead in edge retention (white tail deer, wild hogs). I have used...
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    to leave it in or not to leave it in

    I recently read elsewhere concerning quenching steel in oil. 1095 was the alloy given as example. Should I be changing my procedure? Am I missing something huge here? Two knives identical. Heat treat identical. Knife A goes into Parks 50 and stays there until it is cooled down to ambient...
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    heat treating W2 and 52100

    Today I have to get a couple blades done. Both are almost identical 4" utility/hunters. One in 52100 and the other is W2. Both came from Aldo, bar stock, spheroidized, stock removal only. My heat treat for both steels is pretty much the same. Is that OK, or am I missing something? My...
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    White Steel San Mai and Turkish Walnut

    Just finished this one for the wife. White steel core, wrought iron jacket. Turkish Walnut. Hope you likey!
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    help with CruForge V normalizing temps

    I recently acquired a stick of CruForge V, and I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me with. I'm stock removal only, so no forging is done. Steel comes annealed and is quite soft and machinable. There is information online (not a whole lot) about the heat treat for this...