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  1. josh30000

    Drop shipping knives

    Anyone familiar with drop shipping? My son started a drop shipping website and I wanted to advertise some production knives on there. Do you know of any reputable companies that drop ship knives?
  2. josh30000

    Todd Begg New engraved knives for G8 show in Vegas

    These are production knives? Look like they would be individually made!
  3. josh30000

    "Coolest" pocket knife under $50

    got it in the collection, but I didn't know the name!
  4. josh30000

    "Coolest" pocket knife under $50

    Never heard of Ganzo, thanks for the heads up. I like the GANZO G707
  5. josh30000

    "Coolest" pocket knife under $50

    I have seen them ranked high in numerous lists of great knives. Still don't have one, but I think it definitely need to be in the collection.
  6. josh30000

    "Coolest" pocket knife under $50

    The difference in taste could make this a really interesting thread
  7. josh30000

    "Coolest" pocket knife under $50

    Interested in something that has a cool look to it that won't break the bank.
  8. josh30000

    Camillus Knife

  9. josh30000

    I really like knives!

    Just checked out your website and your knives are beautiful! If I carried one of those and lost it, I think I would have a breakdown!
  10. josh30000

    I really like knives!

    Thank you sir! I'm having a good time so far checking things out.
  11. josh30000

    I really like knives!

    I have Randy. I am pretty busy as a Deacon, Husband, Father of 4 (11-19), Teacher and Assistant High School Football Coach. I think my knife making days may be after the kids are all grown. One cool note is my 16yo and 14yo boys are also now collecting, so we get to enjoy that together.
  12. josh30000

    I really like knives!

    I only have a few custom made knifes, but I will definitely be buying more as time goes on. I started collecting pocket knives, and now I just buy whatever I think is cool and I can afford. Thank you for the welcome.
  13. josh30000

    brusletto knife 100 ar

    Just put her on Ebay as an auction. Starting bid $75 with free shipping.
  14. josh30000

    all the pretty daggers

  15. josh30000

    Ritual Dagger for SALE

    Very cool knife!
  16. josh30000

    My favorite Knife maker RF: RiverForge

    My favorite Knife maker RF: RiverForge
  17. josh30000

    Tiny Spencer Knife for sale

    That is one of the coolest handles I have ever seen!
  18. josh30000

    For Sale: Aitor Cuchillo Oso Negro

    Link to my knife being sold via ebay Aitor Cuchillo Oso Negro Feedback welcome on knife, price, etc.
  19. josh30000

    I really like knives!

    My name is Josh. Grew up with a dad who is a Vietnam Veteran, who let me collect knives, brass knuckles, nun-chucks, Chinese stars and various other weapons (some of them home made). I don't have much from back then, but I recently started collecting knives again, and I have the bug pretty bad...