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  1. Owl

    Aluminum quench plates

    mine are 1 1/2" thick, 8" x 14" I bought four of them on ebay
  2. Owl

    Food for thought as a knife maker

    I always liked the one that Von Gruff had in his sig line: "The ability to do comes with doing"
  3. Owl

    Knife ad I just copied from FaceBook...

    You know they don't let you put it on the internet if it isn't true....
  4. Owl

    Simple sheath build along

    Thank you for doing this Dennis. I appreciate the basic step by step approach.
  5. Owl

    Flattening new scales

    Yes, I sand the concave side on my disc grinder.
  6. Owl

    Cheap Damascus

    You basically have to take their word for the product so you should deal with established suppliers who have good reputations. I'd be careful about buying a blade off of ebay, especially if it comes from Pakistan or is super cheap. Watch out for anything that seems too cheap. Good damascus is...
  7. Owl

    How is everyone holding up?

    I'm an MD in a small town, so my crew and I are working pretty much as usual with the added burden of the infection precautions. So far we have had only two cases of covid-19 but we are expecting more to surface in the next two weeks. The first was a 79 year old lady who had to call EMS while...
  8. Owl

    Update On Blade Show 2020

    There's no such thing as "social distancing" at the blade show.
  9. Owl

    Type of table saw blade.

    Scott is right. Don't cut small pieces like scales on a table saw without push sticks and a feather board. Serious accidents happen that way. As someone who has worked a lot of time in the ER I have to say I cringed a little watching Mark cut those scales in his video. Table saws are the #1...
  10. Owl

    Get to the choppa!

    Looks like a design that is somewhat popular recently. I really don't care for it either, but you did a very nice job on it. You are making the right the designs you like. You'll do a better job and enjoy it much more. Interesting handle material. May I ask where you got it?
  11. Owl

    Corona Knife

    Your feather Damascus is amazing. Nice work!
  12. Owl

    First liner lock

    Looking good!
  13. Owl

    Heat Treat Ovens, Looking for Input

    I bought the Evenheat LB-22 with a TAP controller couple of years ago. It has been excellent and the TAP controller is easy to use. I don't do that many really long blades but the extra size wasn't that expensive and I have used it more than I expected.
  14. Owl

    Damascus slipjoint

  15. Owl

    Coywolf in progress

    It looks fine to me.
  16. Owl

    Blade Show 2020

    I've been watching and pretty much expecting a cancellation of Blade. There are thousands of people there and you are packed like sardines on the show floor. I already have my tickets and room, and I hate missing it as it is the one big show I look forward to each year. But it isn't worth anyone...
  17. Owl

    Knife sharpeners

    I have an older model, the Tormek Supergrind 2000. I use it and like it very much, but they are expensive. The advantages are that it's a good way to get a consistent grind angle that is reproducible, plus the fact that the water keeps the edge from heating up. Larrin discussed this effect in...