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  1. DanF

    Good Equipment = Good Investment

    I've always believed that good equipment will pay for itself (if the skills are developed and equipment properly used). I am in the process of selling off my current generation equipment and I am finding that my return on good quality used pieces have held their value over a few years. One piece...
  2. DanF

    Tiger Striped Handle and Stripes Cont'd On Blade Spine

    Well, this is the first (and last) of the reeded/coin edge spacers I will try, a big thank you to John Doyle for the inspiration, and no thank you for more, I'd as soon poke flaming slivers of wood in my eyes. I wanted something on this "different", so thought I'd try "striping" the blades spine...
  3. DanF

    26C3 Hamon attempt w/ New Pics

    First try with this high carbon steel. More work to bring it to it's full potential, this is some incredible stuff to work with. Pre HT, easy-peasy, post HT, hand sanding don't cut it much.
  4. DanF

    Starting An Elk Antler and Sanbar Stag Antler Knife

    I ran across a very well shaped piece of elk antler so I thought I would also use up a piece of sanbar I have while I am stinking up the shop. Using thin cyanoacrylate glue to penetrate, this stuff is like water and is great for turning projects and the cracks that develop while turning. You...
  5. DanF

    Sheath and Knife

    Finally completed the sheath for the small knife with antler scales.
  6. DanF

    Small Multi-purpose Knife

    This is the second knife I have made using the figured wild cherry I harvested on my property. 15n20, 7.5" OAL, buffed ricasso with opposing grind lines on the blade.
  7. DanF

    Shoot Me, Put Me Out Of My Misery!

    You just don't know how much I hate crowds (well, maybe as solitary knifemakers you do).
  8. DanF

    Backup Thermocouple Placement

    Wasn't sure which forum to place this in, so here it is if it needs moving, let me know. I want to add a separate, independent TC to my kiln to have a better idea of the temps inside. Here's the kiln and type K TC My question is this; would I be better off coming in from the top, near the front...
  9. DanF

    Petty Chefs

    One in Sycamore, it will get a natural finish with tru oil. The other with African Blackwood w/red liners. Will post final of sycamore when all coats complete and dry. Both using 15n20.
  10. DanF

    "The Moment", For Me

    I enjoy all of knifemaking, but right at this point in the process is where I get that first big smile. For me that's the moment I can really tell whether or not a particular knife is what I was hoping it would be. Much more work to go, but this moment speaks to me (you know-- that's a keeper...
  11. DanF

    New Friend

    I have been talking to someone I met a few weeks ago on a pretty regular basis. He is into knifemaking and we met up today and worked on a couple of small knives in my shop. We are going to make this a regular thing, meeting in each other's shop once a month to help each other along as we can...
  12. DanF

    Antler Scales

    I'm glad this is over. It was one of the most aggravating, nasty materials I have ever worked with, fighting me every step of the way. Now for the larger pieces of Sanbar Stag..., .
  13. DanF

    Nice Ride Yesterday (pic)

    A beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon, wife and I hit the back roads with the scooter. Stopped alongside the road for this pic.
  14. DanF

    Sometimes It's Nice To Make Something For Yourself.

    15n20 with DIW Scales and brass pins.
  15. DanF

    Historically Speaking, When ...,

    ...did plunge lines as we know them today become a "thing", and why?
  16. DanF

    Finishing Up 3 pc Kitchen Set

    A couple more hours then done. 15n20, African blackwood with brown micarta bolsters and white liners. 8.5", 6.5", and 3.5" paring.
  17. DanF

    LN vs Dry Ice for aeb-l?

    From what I have gleaned on different sites, dry ice will lose you up to about 1 point on the rhc scale. Any thoughts from those here with real world experience with LN and dry ice? I know LN is the cat's butt for cryo, but is it a necessity for aeb-l? Thanks,
  18. DanF

    Devin Thomas Calling It Quits For Damascus

    Just saw his post on another site, that sucks.
  19. DanF

    Electric Motor Orientation/Renamed Conversion

    I have seen threads of disc and belt grinders that are "convertable" in nature, can be run in either vertically or horizontally (shaft orientation). Are motors designs as either/or with others as bi-use, and how would you tell if you had a good candidate for a flip-over conversion? Thanks
  20. DanF

    Deleted, found it

    Deleted, found what I needed.