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  1. soundmind

    What to get first a oven or a grinder?

    I had been getting by with hand tools, bench grinder, and angle grinder and I recently bought a 2x72 (like within the past few months). I have the same time constraints of work and family and I noticed buying a grinder bought me time.
  2. soundmind

    What's going on in your shop?

    I found a diamond in the rough...well, not exactly. These pieces are porous. I cut a pair of scales too and one cracked after only one night in the house. But It's surprising the beauty underneath all that junk on the outside. I might clean a bunch and stabilize them.
  3. soundmind

    Morland Picture Gallery

    That's a beautiful knife dennis. I like the matched up wood grain in the spacers.
  4. soundmind

    Damascus abd carbon fiber folder....

    Nice, John. Probably super light, too, which I appreciate in a flipper. I've always like your subtle color schemes.
  5. soundmind

    How is everyone holding up?

    Things are ok out here, just not sure what to expect as this progresses. We have a lot of full houses and kids living with Grandparents. Travel is restricted, school is closed, stores are still open even though they are privately owned in people's houses. We can still go out and do everything we...
  6. soundmind

    less steel, more knife

    Thanks Dennis. Your pins come out very clean. This was a repair due to the span of the back plate the small nut and epoxy were trying to hold. The epoxy gave out when we were trying to separate the head from the neck bone. Later, I could tell the plate loosened up a little. So I put those pins...
  7. soundmind

    less steel, more knife

    Thanks Dennis (and Rick!). The handle not only flares out but twists away from your palm. That compound angle gave me trouble but I would like to try again - a part of the reason for the pins in the butt plate. BTW Dennis, I wasn't trying to cramp your style on that. I needed a little more...
  8. soundmind

    less steel, more knife

    These are before and after pics of a knife I made. I had it out last fall and it performed well, but I just didn't like the size or the way it looked and felt. So I tried grinding away some stuff. I've also taken the antler down as far as I could. I think the handle at the back was too wide and...
  9. soundmind

    Rubber platen?

    That horizontal ribs would bounce the knife around? I tried the ribbed side of a snow machine drive belt as a backer for hand-sanding and it didn't sand even. But on a platen I thought it'd help keep things cool, like I understand a serrated wheel to do - but no, the turning of the wheel and...
  10. soundmind

    Rubber platen?

    I've had a glass platen and coarser belts on my shopping list for awhile. I'll add rotary platen possibly for the future. I have a few ideas for making some interchangeable platens. Ed mentioned different kinds in one his KMT videos (including leather and maybe wood?) Is it the hardness of...
  11. soundmind

    Fear Not

    I've had the same thoughts. Thanks, Raymond
  12. soundmind

    Rubber platen?

    Thanks Ed, thanks Ken. I wasn't sure if I did the wrong thing or did the right thing and just the wrong way. BTW I put this on initially to help me make flat grinds. I 'm not sure why I wasn't getting them on the bare steel platen. They kept coming out convex. Think it was the platen or grit...
  13. soundmind

    Rubber platen?

    Did I make a mistake to use rubber for a platen? Or is there a certain kind I need to get? Here's what happened to it while I was slowly grinding a guard down flush with a spacer. Thanks, Luke
  14. soundmind

    You guys want to see my latest knife

    Beautiful knife! One thing that stands out to me is how the reflection in the blade enhances the guard, both the engraving in it and the border around the ricasso which is also a nice touch. I hadn't expected a damascus blade to reflect anything. I'm sure it's even nicer seen in person. Thanks...
  15. soundmind

    Hand sanding Lubricant

    Hey, just thought if your store shelves are getting empty, I got by with synthetic two-stroke snow-mobile oil. I tried regular Castrol, but the smell was too strong. I think reading that Mobile 1 was the way to go, made me think to try this. I don't think folks will need snow-mobile oil for the...
  16. soundmind

    Type of table saw blade.

    That helps Bruce. I like this saw, and haven't seen anyone talk about them much. And to reinforce what you showed, that you don't need a fence to cut a straight line, here's a shot of the rosewood I split. My mistake, the original piece is 7/16" not 1/4" like I said above. The cut removed 1/16"...
  17. soundmind

    Type of table saw blade.

    I wondered if there's some element of technique to using them. and that's why I bent mine. I'd probably make a japanese woodworker close one eye while he watched me. lol. I don't think I need any pictures. I think I have the same thing you got. Thanks bruce.
  18. soundmind

    What's going on in your shop?

    classy little pocket knife
  19. soundmind

    Type of table saw blade.

    which way do you cut them? say you had a 1" x 1" x 5" block -do you cut them from the top(spine) down or from the front (near bolsters) back? I looked yours up and it looks like it has a reinforced spine so the only way would be "top down." I bought a backsaw awhile back for cutting mortise...
  20. soundmind

    Testing a knife

    Not sure where you're at in the Pacific NW, but I purchased mine about 3-4 years ago from Goergie's Ceramics outside of Portland. If I remember right, I walked out paying more than $100.00. You might check ceramic supply stores in your area. You wouldn't have to wait but you might pay more...