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  1. Dennis Morland

    Sheath for first Damascus knife

    Very nice sheath that matches well with the knife. Great job!
  2. Dennis Morland

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Thank you. Hope all is well in Alaska.
  3. Dennis Morland

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Aiden That is a cool little cutter. Looks like they all piened fairly well. I see one of the rear pins has a broken piece in the handle. Second from top. Otherwise, all the others look good. Might I ask, what is the intended task for the knife. A friend of mine has a carpet knife that...
  4. Dennis Morland

    Heat Treat Ovens, Looking for Input

    I have an evenheat 18 inch with the ramp master controls. 220 volt. Works just fine. I do not think I would switch.
  5. Dennis Morland

    Did I cut this wrong?

    Mark - I am going to disagree with you on the "appealling" comment. That piece of walnut has some nice color contrasts and an interesting grain pattern. I think it will finish out really well.
  6. Dennis Morland

    Hi knife dogs, from the UK.

    Welcome to KD.
  7. Dennis Morland

    Some new puukko work

    Very cool. Love the butt cap.
  8. Dennis Morland

    less steel, more knife

    It is very hard finding straight horns. Most bend, twist and refuse to grow perfectly straight. One of the reasons that they are so interesting. Also, some have glorious color and texture. No two knives end up the same...
  9. Dennis Morland

    less steel, more knife

    Luke Cramp away. We are all learning. I like horn knives. Keep them coming. Dennis
  10. Dennis Morland

    less steel, more knife

    Very nice. I am a big fan of building a knife around the horn. Rather than shaping the horn to the knife. Great job!!
  11. Dennis Morland

    Hello from Vancouver

    Welcome to KD.
  12. Dennis Morland


    Try this.
  13. Dennis Morland


    I could open the 2019 awards threads.
  14. Dennis Morland

    New Northridge Mod-E

    You are going to like using the variable speed, a lot!!
  15. Dennis Morland

    Saved from the Scrap heap

    You posted just before my last post. If it helps, I think you can find a threaded tube and then use the male end for your pommel. Thread the tang, use the tube, and use the male end connector. Just an idea. I have never used an all thread so I cannot help you there.
  16. Dennis Morland

    Saved from the Scrap heap

    Excuse the crappy pictures. But something like this.
  17. Dennis Morland

    Saved from the Scrap heap

    Why don’t you just thread the end of the tang?? It looks like you have plenty of tang to work with.
  18. Dennis Morland

    Knife For A Young Hunter.

    There is an 8 year old out there thinking it’s not so bad staying home from school. He is going to love playing guess what I got with his buddies.
  19. Dennis Morland

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Knife No. 149 is complete. It does need sharpened. A fillet knife made from 440c. 5.5 inch blade. Desert ironwood, whitetail deer antler, brass guard, spacers and pins. Lined and braided leather sheath. And for John Wilson a fish on the sheath.