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    Mississippi club?

    Years ago there used to be a Mississippi Knife Makers Association. It's gone the way of the dinos. Would anyone be interested to coming together to create something here?
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    KITH official pictures thread

    You guys put together some awesome knives. I hope I can participate next time.
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    unusal request (designs related)

    your designs look good. they have a nice eye-appeal! :35:
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    pig knife

    Heck I like power tools for that kind of work.
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    Redwood burl, Ivory and Buffalo horn

    That's really cool!
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    Small clip point hunter.

    Love it!
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    Bark Ivory Subhilt

    what a good looking blade! I only own one subhilt, and would like a few more.
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    All-beef No-fluff Camp Knife

    What a beast!
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    Hanson's W2 & Black Ash Burl

    That thing is beautiful!
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    Miller Mammoth small hunter

    That thing is speaking to me. Its saying "use me dang it" haha. Very nice!
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    Little hunter with textured blackwood

    Now that's slick! The hamon is great!
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    Ealy Walrus Dagger

    Really cool! I love that steel!
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    First Flipper

    That's a nice looking knife!
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    Closed on my best sale ever today

    Cool story man! Kids need to be introduced to knives early. This was great way for him to great a knife and a fantastic memory. :35:
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    WIP small Hunting knife

    Looking good my friend! nice design!
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    oil heater

    I have seen people use electric roasting pans.
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    powder abrasive source?????

    I am looking for some powdered abrasives up to 2500 grit. Where do you guys source yours? The highest grit I have found has been 600. Thanks Dawgs,
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    my progress so far (pic heavy)

    the only problem is that they are naked haha no scales yet. Those are some nice looking blades! :60:
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    Design Critique

    looks like its time to make a knife to me.
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    Big Ulgy Knife

    if thats ugly, i will take ugly any day!:happy: