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  1. Heikki

    What's going on in your shop?

    Finished up my first 2 kwaiken over the weekend. I have a lot of respect for those that do these handle wraps- simple concept, not easy to execute. I had to modify the initial wrap design to make it work. It was fun working with new materials though. Stingray hide is pretty neat. The paracord...
  2. Heikki

    W2 and hamons - Normalizing/Grain Refinement Question...

    Thanks Casey. I’m on my last thermal cycle right now. Do you try to clean the blade at all before applying the clay? I was planning on wire brushing it a bit.
  3. Heikki

    W2 and hamons - Normalizing/Grain Refinement Question...

    I'm going to heat treat some W-2 tonight, weather permitting, and plan on doing some hamons. I was wondering if having clay on the blades during the normalizing and grain refinement steps will be a problem, or should I apply the clay after I've done those steps? Will it have any negative impact?
  4. Heikki

    What's going on in your shop?

  5. Heikki

    Heat Treat Ovens, Looking for Input

    Does anyone have an opinion on the solid state relays? Are they worth the extra money?
  6. Heikki

    Heat Treat Ovens, Looking for Input

    I hadn't looked at those. I really like the vertical design, and being able to roll it out of the way is definitely a plus.
  7. Heikki

    Heat Treat Ovens, Looking for Input

    I'm thinking this is the year that I'll be purchasing a heat treat oven. Hoping to get some input on details and options that others have found important or useful. I have a small space to work with and it's not wired for 240v, though I would consider putting a line in if necessary. I would...
  8. Heikki

    Dagger WIP

    Nice design, love the lines. Will be following this one to see the finished product.
  9. Heikki

    here is my newest. just finished this morning.

    The veneer liners are a great idea and look really good. Also love the small pins and placement.
  10. Heikki

    If You Are Completely Bored

    That's really cool Randy. What a great opportunity.
  11. Heikki

    What's going on in your shop?

    Going to try my hand at a couple kwaiken in W2. I have some stingray hide inbound, and plan to try an "ito" wrap using paracord. I like the profiles of these. Should make a nice EDC style knife.
  12. Heikki

    Tactical or Non-tactical?

    Absolutely. I'd rather face a firearm than a knife any day. There's a book called "The Disaster Diaries" by Sam Sheridan that has a chapter on knife fighting that will really open your eyes (great book too, btw).
  13. Heikki

    Finished My First Scabbard

    Very cool!
  14. Heikki

    Scottish Dirk - Partial WIP and Complete

    A carved handle would be sweet. Great dirk, can't wait to see the scabbard too.
  15. Heikki

    Leatherwork Stamps

    LeatherStampsTools - on Etsy and IG.
  16. Heikki

    Leatherwork Stamps

    I've got a couple of his stamps too. They come from Eastern Europe if I'm remembering right. Unique designs. Prices were decent, though shipping was high. He's on Etsy too.
  17. Heikki

    Latest medical update

    Great news Ed. Glad to hear you and Cindy will make it to Blade too.
  18. Heikki

    What's going on in your shop?

    Working on a couple hunters. Sheaths are up next.
  19. Heikki

    First Hidden Tang / Antler Handle

    Nice knife, love the profile. Good job on the handle too. Dunno if it's the light, but it looks old, like it's been around a long time. I like that effect too.
  20. Heikki

    Hello from VA

    Welcome to KD Vern.