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  1. soundmind

    less steel, more knife

    These are before and after pics of a knife I made. I had it out last fall and it performed well, but I just didn't like the size or the way it looked and felt. So I tried grinding away some stuff. I've also taken the antler down as far as I could. I think the handle at the back was too wide and...
  2. soundmind

    Rubber platen?

    Did I make a mistake to use rubber for a platen? Or is there a certain kind I need to get? Here's what happened to it while I was slowly grinding a guard down flush with a spacer. Thanks, Luke
  3. soundmind

    talking about how files have changed: just an observation

    Left to right: The first I know to be from the 80's. The second would be somewhere between 2000-2010. The third is one I just bought. All 12". I'm guessing that what I've heard since I got into knives, that forging Nicholson files into knives, is from when they were made like the first. It's...
  4. soundmind

    Knifemaker's Christmas from Dennis

    My family out of state had trouble at the post office sending up presents this year. After getting that resolved I wanted to let Dennis know asap so he could pass on the info to my secret Santa. It turned out it Dennis was my secret Santa - then, I had him worried because he'd already sent it...
  5. soundmind

    VFDs out in the cold

    I realized VFDs are probably susceptible to failure by developing condensation with outside temp fluctuation. I'm looking into a solution like either a heater for it or cable connectors so I can keep it inside when I'm not using it. Is anyone else keeping their VFDs in unheated shops in temps...
  6. soundmind

    can't understand steel impurities percentages

    I came across n article on knife nerds (why cold steel is brittle) where it said steel with low amounts of impurities would be good for a "cold weather steel." When I read the chemistry listed for a specific steel type (ie L6, 15n20) the way I've been comparing the impurities is similar to a...
  7. soundmind

    the integrity of a peened brass/copper/stainless tang extension?

    In this case I'm thinking all the way through - on a hidden tang knife - and peened to the rear of the handle to draw everything up? Any reservations?
  8. soundmind

    I think if he's ok I will be too.

    Needed a new respirator and got one I thought was good, but still only 90% sure I got the right thing until I saw this guy wearing the same one with the same filters.
  9. soundmind

    CA glue as a finish coat?

    This stuff is harsh! Anyway, oil first then CA glue? or just CA glue? I'm not sure if the wood will take the glue if it's oiled. Thanks for the help
  10. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    I saw that Darrin Sanders mentioned 1075 was good for choppers on the knife steel reference. What about 2"-4" hunting and general purpose knives? I don't want to make any long knives for awhile. Also what kind of edge holding should I be getting out of it? I'll be using either charcoal or gas...
  11. soundmind


    I need help on good pad-locks, door locks, vinyl window ideas, and some info on security cameras...any wi-fi? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also any tricks or traps. I know this question is high profile on the public forum, If it compromises the security of your own shop you can pm...
  12. soundmind

    new project...ivory cracked

    My wife worked out a friendly deal for an expensive piece of dog-training equipment. Part of that deal involves me building a couple knives in exchange. I picked up some fossil mammoth rib bone and two small pieces of fossil ivory large enough for spacers. The person were trading with said she...
  13. soundmind

    just finished this out

    My third finished blade - about my tenth knife or so. G-10 bolsters, with 1/16 stainless pins; nickel silver spacer (?); contoured caribou with 5/32 brass. Grey vulcanized fiber all around. This is going to another bush-pastor friend of mine who does leatherwork. He said he wanted to make the...
  14. soundmind

    My first blade

    This is my official first blade and about 10th handle. The pros are outweighed by the cons. It's one I'll not polish up, but use. One success was the taper. It was forged in. As a users knife, I like it's piercing ability. I got right through some brisket this eve for dinner. It didn't just...
  15. soundmind

    Grinding advice? I'd like to save this one

    My plunges were uneven and I got too thin while working on blending the plunges out. I'd like to save the knife even if it ends up thin - but I don't think I have many chances left so I thought I should seek advice. I was thinking to one, either grind for a tapered tang which I started half...
  16. soundmind

    any failed wooden bolsters?

    I'm trying to find out what would make wood bolsters fail. I have some ideas, but is there any experience/pics out there in failed wooden bolsters and why? I'm not turning anything up online yet. I like wood for bolsters, but want to know what mistakes to avoid. Thanks in advance
  17. soundmind

    80CrV2 and wood charcoal...what was I thinking?

    You all have been very gracious with me. I know I haven't gotten out a fully handmade blade yet. I've accepted opportunities to fix handles and things like that that have gotten in the way of what I really want to do. But I feel close - but just feel like I hit another wall. Maybe it's not as...
  18. soundmind

    pocket magnifying glass

    My son got one of these for Christmas. I borrowed it to check one of my test strips and two knives I heat treated; it revealed more than just my eyes could tell me. Here's a photo of what he has...
  19. soundmind

    first surface grinders Where this is coming from is that I can't decide if it's worth my time to try and taper a full tang knife by drawfiling. I don't think I'll get it any precise on both sides. I think if I mark it...
  20. soundmind

    Antler pith

    I have some old antler material that is pretty brittle, but I think usable still. About 30 pieces. They've been setting outside for about 20 years and have surface decay, but I cut some and they look similar to bone when all that is sanded away. They should be strong enough between a finger...