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  1. CDHumiston

    John W. Smith SFC C-1 Collaboration Titanium Folder

    !! SOLD !! John W. Smith SFC C-1 Collaboration Titanium Folder I recently purchased this SFC MODEL C-1 from True North Knives. After carrying it for 3 days I have come to the conclusion that I can't bring myself to actually use it. This is a Custom made frame lock in Titanium with an S30V...
  2. CDHumiston

    My New SFC C-1 Custom Folder Just Arrived! Pics Included...

    I just got this one in the mail today. It's the first custom and the first Titanium folder for me and I have to say I love the feel of it so far. Now if I can talk myself into using it!!!
  3. CDHumiston

    Favorite Scale Material for EDC Folder

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite scale materials are on their EDC folding knives? I'm looking mostly for opinions on Carbon Fiber, G-10, Aluminum and Titanium.
  4. CDHumiston

    I see many things here slowing down the site performsnce...

    I see many things here slowing down the site performsnce...any tweaks you can suggest to speed things up?
  5. CDHumiston

    Any Hair Shears / Scissors Experts Out There

    My wife just got her Cosmo License and I am looking for some good Shears/Scissors for her. I find a lot that are made from "HITACHI Steel" The RC Hardness seems to be from 55 to 65. Anyone know anything that will help me decide what to buy? Thanks,
  6. CDHumiston

    Knife #3 Almost Finished

    I've just about finished this one up. I still have some final polishing and buffing to do. Blade: D2 Tool Steel Guard: Nickel Silver Scales: Jade G11 with Mosaic Pins I was wondering if anyone else has problems with drilling holes in the Jade G11? I was VERY careful and did all the...
  7. CDHumiston

    My Knives Scales are Falling Off...

    The last 3 knives I have made have had problems with the scales falling off under minor pressures. Knife 1: 440C Stainless Madrone wood scales and Devcon 10 minute epoxy Knife 2: D2 Tool steel Yellowheart wood scales and JB Weld epoxy Knife 3: A2 Tool steel Green G11 scales and Tracy's...
  8. CDHumiston

    Keeping dust out.

    I have small belt sander in the garage. I have to carry it outside when I work on wood or G11 due to the dust. Is there some kind of portable pop up room or tent I could use to sand in while in the garage or back yard?
  9. CDHumiston

    Belt Wobble / Grinder Set Up

    I have been having some trouble with belt wobble on my KMG. It happens with every belt I have so I'm sure it's not the belts. I don't think there is anything actually wrong with the grinder, I think I may have something aligned wrong. Can anyone shed some light on exactly how they set up the...
  10. CDHumiston

    Got the first knife I ever built back...

    ...and it bit me after I cleaned it up. My step father recently found a knife I put together when I was 15 (1975) from a pre-made blank. I was very surprised to find out it survived. So he mailed it to me last month. Well it was pretty dirty and a quite tarnished. I decided to clean it up...
  11. CDHumiston

    What Strange Things Have You Ate?

    Having spent 26 years in the USAF and traveling to many countries I have eaten some strange thing. Here is a list of the ones I remember and could identify: Horse, Camel, Dog, Goat, Snake, Silk Worm Larve, Deep Fried Chicken feet, Aligator, Snails, Sea Urchin, Raw Squid still moving when I...
  12. CDHumiston

    Router with sanding Drums for Metal Work

    I saw this table mounted router at Home Depot for $99. It has a 1/4" collet. Foredom sells some 1/4 shaft sanding drum mandrels and they have real nice Ceramic Purple and Trizact sanding drums in many grits. The speed is 25,000 RPM, to fast? My question is how do you all think this would work...
  13. CDHumiston

    Anyone get a view like this on the job?

    I had to visit some sites in Nevada last week. Here are a few pictures. 1st three are Spirit Mountain near Christmas Tree pass and last two are Mount Potosi near Goodsprings.
  14. CDHumiston

    Received my St. Patrick's Day Green\Jade G 11

    I just received my package from the St. Patrick's Day Green\Jade G 11 give away from Doug White and I must say it was very generous. Not only was there a lot of material, there was also some extra goodies. I would like to say a big thanks to Doug for the supplies. I will put them to good use!
  15. CDHumiston

    Pasadena Knife Show

    Who is going to be at the Pasadena Knife Show this weekend? It is the 25th Anniversat show and should be quite good. I went last year and had a great time. I'll be there tomorrow at 12:00 when it opens. I'll be wearing a Black shirt with a Skull on the back and a Corvette hat. If you see me stop...
  16. CDHumiston

    Alternative Raffle Payment Sources

    I know there have been some troubles doing raffles. People have been getting thier Pay Pal accounts suspended. I did some research and came up with a couple of alternatives. These places look good and are recommended by some of the sites out there that are anti-Pay Pal. Here are the links...
  17. CDHumiston

    Admiral Steel 1080/1095 Cutting and Grinding Results

    I was asking a lot of questions about Carbon Steel lately. I was curious about the grinding difficulties of HR vs CRA. Well, I bought some steel from Admiral and here is what I've found; The HR1080, HR1095 and CRA1095 sold in the Blade Steel section all seem to cut and grind about the same...
  18. CDHumiston

    Steel in SoCal

    I'm looking to pick up some 440C 3/16 x 2 x 36 + lengths Also A2 and D2 in these same lengths. Anyone know a small shop where I could walk in and get what I want?
  19. CDHumiston

    Kershaw Outcast D2

    Brand New in the Original Box. Kershaw Outcast D-2. $60.00 shipped in the United States only. No international sales. This knife has never been used but has been sharpened on a paper wheel. SPECIFICATIONS: - Steel: D2 tool steel with Black Teflon Coating - Santoprene Handle - Blade Length: 10...
  20. CDHumiston

    Nicholson File Grinding Question

    OK, so I have a Nicholson file the has about 1" broken off the end. I want to make a knife out of it. I know these things are seriously hard, but I want to try and grind it anyway. I have no way to anneal it in a forge. My question is; if I temper it in an oven at 450 for a few 1 hour...