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    Mississippi club?

    Years ago there used to be a Mississippi Knife Makers Association. It's gone the way of the dinos. Would anyone be interested to coming together to create something here?
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    powder abrasive source?????

    I am looking for some powdered abrasives up to 2500 grit. Where do you guys source yours? The highest grit I have found has been 600. Thanks Dawgs,
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    Hamon material/media

    hey guys, I was curious as to what media do you use for the production of hamon lines. I am thinking of trying some of these in the near future with some 1095 or maybe some O1. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks, Will
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    Stolen: What the heck!?!?!

    Ok I was at the bank making a deposit, and I set my sunglasses down. I head to see the teller and I turn to get my glasses, and what do you know; they were gone. I mean REALLY who steals something with that many HD cameras around. there only two people people behind me. the glasses weren't...
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    Need help! Scandi confused!

    This maybe the dumbest question out there, but confusion has set in, and I don't like it :confused2: How far do do take a scandi grind before heat treat? I know with other grinds you take it down to certain point before HT, and after you sharpen with the second bevel. With scandi grinds...
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    Atlas etcher: any users out there?

    Hey guys has any one used this little etcher yet? I know Boss always tries to give us the very best but I am just curious if anyone else has played with one yet? Thanks in advance,
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    Good vids on Micarta I found this on youtube the other day. I found it to be informative, and I hope you do also.
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    dust collector??? What kind do you have????

    I am thinking of buying myself a small just collector for my shop soon. I don't have a ton of room, but I think I can manage a small one. I was looking at the one in the link below from harbor freight. Do you have dogs have any opinions...
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    etching machine??? who has made their own?

    Like the title says, who has made their own etching machine? how did it turn out? Thanks, Will
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    Guess what i got!!!!

    A few weeks ago my computer died on me. it was a sad day; it was like losing a pet something:sad: because it got through fours of college. Well, i have a new one, and i am back posting. I will be trying to catch up on all the good info here. I hope everyone has been well and can't to see...
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    WOO HOO!!! My oven is here!

    Yesterday my sugar creek kiln came in. I am so stoked. I will let ya know how it works for me. I purchased the smaller of the two with a digital controller. I will be firing it up on Sunday. Will
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    What oils do you use?

    Hey guys, I was curious as what oils you use during you quench and why? I am about to buy myself a nice little sugar creek kiln, and I want to get all my ducks in a row before I get started. Thanks Will:steve:
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    Non-Woven Norton Bear-Tex??????

    Hey dogs, I was curious if anyone has had any experience with these? Are they similar/same as the scotchbrite belts? What do you use them for? I have seen where some people use the scotchbrites are use to put on satin finish. Thanks dog, Will:steve:
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    any ATS-34 tips?

    I am going to be starting work on a few knives, and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for working with ATS-34. Everything I have read about it say that its really good steel with a price point for a beginner. thanks in advance, Will:steve:
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    how thick should stock be?

    hey guys I was curious how thick is the stock you guys use? If you are making hunting/camp/kitchen/utility knife, what thickness would use for those particular knives? Thanks for the help, Will
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    William Henry T10-LE7 FOR SALE

    This one my William Henrys. The model T10-LE7 #11 of 100 it has ATS-34 sterling silver bolster,white bone scales, and opal thumb stud. $900 Any reasonable offer will be accepted!!! This one has never been carried and is in mint condition like new. This is a must sale!!!!! I am trying to by...
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    Koji Hara FS

    I purchased this one in 2004 at blade. Its mint and has never been carried. the blade has mirror finish with NO blemishes. The scales are sculpted MOP and stainless. I need to take a few more pics that better show how nice this knife is. The only reason I am trying to sell is because I...
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    files and rasps????

    hey guys. I thinking of making a couple of file and rasp knives. What type of files should i be looking for? also what is the best way to heat treat them once ground? I am going to try and make a couple for bushcraft and camping. thanks for your help!2thumbs
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    graduation commencement

    I just got home from my commencement ceremony from Mississippi State University! I survived! I am first to graduate from college in my family. BUT that's not really why i am stoked; its a big part though. My family members were kind enough to add a little money to pocket so I can buy some...
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    here are couple of links with good info!!!

    I am going to continue to look for other great links and add them here for your viewing pleasure. The first one is the tutorial section on North Coast knives. There are a lot of tutorials here. Pat Percival has put a time in to these. NORTH COAST KNIVES TUTORIALS The second is one...