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  1. CAJones


    A little over a month ago, a friend of mine asked to buy a pattern for my version of the pancake sheaths I've been making the last year. I sent him a copy but declined his request to purchase it as I don't feel it is mine to sell. Dave Ferry, and many others had perfected this style long before...
  2. CAJones

    Rise and fall indicator

    I recently purchased a Knife Dogs brand rise and fall indicator to help with fit up on folders. The stock pins that come with it are 3/32" which is perfect for my backspring, but doesn't fit the pivot pin area for me. I am currently using bushings that have 1/8" ID and 1/4" OD. Would anyone have...
  3. CAJones

    Heartland Bladesmithing Symposium

    I meant to post this up a while back. I hope to see a bunch of people there! Chris
  4. CAJones

    First slippy!

    I finally finished up my first slip joint! I have to say that Steve Culver's tutorials were monumental in helping me achieve this. 3" blade, 3 3/4" closed, 1080 blade and back spring, 410 liners, 416 pins and G10 scales. Not sure I'm quite sold on the sage green scales, but it was what I had on...
  5. CAJones

    Coolest daughter ever

    Here is my 9 year old working on getting her 4-H Entomology project ready for the fair. She does get some help and direction from dad in identification and organization, but she will be doing everything solo very soon. On the 50 new specimen she added to her collection just the last couple...
  6. CAJones

    and such: Photo Album

    On another forum, the great Paul Long posted some fully tooled, leather photo albums. With his permission, I decided to give one a try. I'm all but finished up with my photo album, all that is left is to add a bit of neatsfoot oil. I can certainly see some flaws but I am undoubtedly getting...
  7. CAJones

    KCKA Shop Tour July 11, 2015

    July's tour/meeting of Kansas Custom Knifemaker's Assoc. will be at Steve Hansen's shop in Chanute, KS. 19626 Anderson Rd. Chanute, KS 66720 Plan to start about 10am and there will be several demos including- inlays, home made mycarta, and slip joint construction. Check out...
  8. CAJones

    buffalo horn handle

    I have a gentleman wanting me to make him a knife using horn from a water buffalo that he shot for the handle. I have had the blade ready for some time but just this week now have the horn in hand. Is there enough here to get a handle? :les: Seriously though, I have very little experience with...
  9. CAJones

    Show etiquette for my first show

    I'm going to be doing my first show the middle of this month. It is just a small local gun and knife show so nothing fancy. It is a small community so I doubt there will be a very high traffic rate. My thought was to have a couple sheaths ready to stitch and I could work a bit on those. I don't...
  10. CAJones

    Elk Ivory

    I have had a request to make a knife (potentially followed by several more) with elk ivory inlayed in the handle. Has anyone ever done this? I'm not wanting to go into this project blind. Thank you, Chris
  11. CAJones

    Yet another first

    In continuing to improve and expand the skill sets I made my first purse. I drew up my own 1 piece pattern thinking I would like it better than the 2 or 3 piece versions I had seen in some tutorials. Of course I used the opportunity to practice carving and tooling. I used 6oz leather and...
  12. CAJones

    New Maker's Mark

    I know this topic gets brought up about every 30 minutes, but I'm looking for some input. I am continually striving to improve all aspects of my knife making. I am currently looking to improve or upgrade my mark. I am currently using an acronym of my name(CAJ) in the shape of a horse's head. I...
  13. CAJones

    Redbud burls

    I found these Eastern Redbud Burls while clearing some trees at work. There were a few more smaller burls I didn't bother with and even now, I'm not sure the 2 small ones I did harvest are worth saving. I thought it was neat the one small burl had flower buds on it. I plan on sealing the...
  14. CAJones

    KCKA Shop Tour April 4, 2015

    Fairly new to the forum here and just stumbled upon the KCKA sub forum. As a member of KCKA I figured I'd post an update of the upcoming event. Cut and pasted directly from the website Our next Shop Tour will be at Doug Stice's shop, in Wichita, KS. The date is...
  15. CAJones

    An arrow "sheath"

    Quivers hold sharp, pointy things. So that counts as a sheath, right?:les: In practice for carving and tooling, I dismantled the quiver I made a couple years ago to fancy it up a bit. While I was at it, I decided to make a matching wrist guard. I've done simple stamping and basketweaves on...
  16. CAJones

    Enough to keep me busy

    I currently have about 3 times as much in progress as I ever have had at once. Finished heat treat on these 1080 blades a few weeks ago. They still await final grinding and handles. Have these AEB-L blades profiled and ready for bevels before I send them out for heat treat. If anyone has...
  17. CAJones

    Design Input

    I'm looking for some input, advice and critiques on a couple design possibilities for one of my next knives. The knife will be for a young lady to carry while deer hunting. She needs a smaller knife and all 3 designs have a 3" blade and 6.5" overall. I plan to use 1/8" AEB-L and outsource the...
  18. CAJones

    Round Knife Design

    I have been wanting to make myself a round knife. I ordered a .052" thick piece of 13c26 and it arrived this morning. Would any of you that use a round knife frequently care to critique my designs? I drew up 2 this evening. Anything stand out that needs tweaking before I move forward? The...
  19. CAJones

    Scotchbrite woes

    I like the finish I can get on my bevels with scotchbrite belts. I also like the contrast of the vertical finish on the bevels and horizontal on the ricasso and flats. My issue is that the scotchbrite belts always leave errant scratches above the bevels on the flats. I can mitigate this to an...
  20. CAJones

    delrin stamps

    I've vowed not to finish another sheath until I have a proper maker's mark stamp. Any advice on where and from whom to get a stamp made? Thanks, Chris