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  1. Beo-wulf

    New Cold Steel Kukri & custom sheath

    I have a new Cold Steel Kukri (regular, not magnum) with one of my custom leather sheaths for sale. It comes with the factory sheath too, but boy, is it wimpy. The loops are made to fit the Armageddon fire steel and Mag. bar found here...
  2. Beo-wulf

    custom sheath worn 2 ways

    Here is a sheath I designed and made. It can be worn either vertical, or semi-horizontal. This one is for the RAT-4 but this design could work for almost any knife. I have done some testing of this sheath, and the design is quite strong. I'd like to know what you think about it.
  3. Beo-wulf

    RAT-5 & Custom Super Sheath For Sale

    For sale: Rat-5 in 1095 with custom super sheath by Robert Jones. Sheath is drop down model. It has loops for Armageddon Firesteel and Mag. bar. The bottom loop is for an Eze-Lap ... these tools are NOT included...just the loops. I put 4 double sided grommets on this baby, one...
  4. Beo-wulf

    SOG Creed / Buck combo unit w/ firesteel

    SOG Creed with Buck Pac-lite and a Kershaw firesteel, all new and in one of my custom sheaths. You get 2 knives, 1 firesteel and 1 of my sheaths for $270. Delivered. First PM gets it!!!
  5. Beo-wulf

    RAT-5 Super Sheath

    I made this for a customer, just thought you folks might want to take a look. BTW, I cut my head off while doing this sheath, been kinda dizzy lately....hoping it will grow back soon ;) I put 4 double sided grommets on this baby, one is located under the top loop, you can get...
  6. Beo-wulf

    Clearance Sale on Knives & Sheaths

    Clearance sale These are clearance sale prices. I always stand behind the quality of my work, but on clearance sales I cannot take returns because you don’t like it, or it does not fit. I will consider a return, but it would be a $10. restocking fee. All this means is that these are some...
  7. Beo-wulf

    horizontal custom sheath

    Here is a custom sheath I made for a Busse. The pouch for the stone and steel is separate and can be removed. This set up is to be worn horizontal in the small of the back, and drawn by the right hand.
  8. Beo-wulf

    What is a SOG Tigershark worth?

    I have a SOG tigershark, older style, not the 2.0 nor the elite. Several years old but NEVER used and in brand new condition. I want to sell it. What is it worth? Thanks for any help.