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  1. Meridian Blades

    Cuttin a lil BAB

    Starting at the beginning of the road again.... That old wives tale... "For burl you must wait a year for every inch of thickness".... We are going to ignore that... :biggrin: hahaha
  2. Meridian Blades

    Snapshot of burl Santoku handle...

    Santoku handle in progress with paring knife in Aldo's 15N20... sneak peek.
  3. Meridian Blades

    Got my tree up early this year.... LOL

    Thanks for the help this morning John... Now I can have all my Ornaments (grinder arms) in their proper places...
  4. Meridian Blades

    Scales with bone inlays - Something a bit different

    Halloween build off sword scales... bone inlays into carbon fiber.
  5. Meridian Blades

    Back from the ovens in PA

    New batch back from the ovens in PA... this is thin 15N20. My versions of some Santokus / Chef / Steak and Bird & Trout blades. Never used this steel before but I heard good things.
  6. Meridian Blades

    Chef with some buckeye

    Quick pics of a new Slim line Chef in 440C.... Dark Buckeye burl handle. Black Micarta pins... front pin is hard to see because the Buckeye is almost all black there.
  7. Meridian Blades

    Help with HT for 1095

    I need a blade heat treated that is almost 24" long.... Made of 1095.... If anyone is interested send me a PM... Have materials to trade, or cash works too. Thanks Larry
  8. Meridian Blades

    Caption This......

    Normally I am not a "reposter" but I thought this pic was pretty funny. Look at the expression on the cat's face. Awkward family cat photos...... :biggrin:
  9. Meridian Blades

    unmarked damascus

    I had a billet of Damascus in the shop from years ago. There was never any mark on it to tell what its made out of. Soooooo question is this. I ground it into a santuko, how do I get it heat treated? Thanks Larry
  10. Meridian Blades

    Sew Tech 5100 - thoughts ??

    Sew Tech 5100 for Sale There is one for sale but it doesn't come with the flat table attachment. Basically a new machine, and the seller wants $2500. Sells for $2300 regularly, but seller spent $400 in shipping from Canada..... Anything I should be aware of..... total newbie to these...
  11. Meridian Blades

    KMG Grinder Attachment Storage (Arm, Shelf, Tree) Pics Needed

    What have you found that works best for storage for grinder attachments ? I have quite a few (multiple flat platens / radiused platen / 10 inch wheel / small wheel attachment / rotary platen etc) and put them on a shelf below my grinder, but was thinking about that tree looking thing Tracy had...
  12. Meridian Blades

    Just another Dog pic

  13. Meridian Blades

    Knifemakers Pic for "The Office"

    I was thinking about having this picture framed and hung up in my office at work. You know kinda like those inspirational pictures of the guy climbing mountain ...etc. I dunno if my coworkers would understand. What do you think? :biggrin:
  14. Meridian Blades

    Driving in Russia

    Whats the deal with driving in Russia? Video link below. Spoiler alert: There's a helicopter and a jet.. - Driving in Russia
  15. Meridian Blades

    WTB: old westinghouse paper base micarta

    Looking for the old school paper micarta... PM what you have.. thanks
  16. Meridian Blades

    One man's trash

    I have an idea that I would like to redo this case. Basically gut it and wrap it in leather and reuse the buckles and corner hardware. Make a new leather handle and redo the interior with some nice fabric etc. I was thinking I could replace the old rivets with Chicago screws, but whats...
  17. Meridian Blades

    curly and sharp

    Mstephen is the maker.... I always thought these were cool lookin. Little belt ax with some nice curly maple. Still see the forge marks...
  18. Meridian Blades

    Amazing talents

    I know its not sheaths, but if you appreciate good leather work check this out.... Cyrex is a great carver........ Moaali Leathers on facebook
  19. Meridian Blades

    Snakeskin in plastic - any guesses?

    Anyone seen anything like this before? Looks like hard plastic with the pattern going all the way through... Hmmm
  20. Meridian Blades

    Storage Bin

    Here's a quick article I saw in "Fine Woodworking". I thought this bin might actually work for storing steel stock as well. Pretty easy build, maybe reinforce the walls/floor to hold more weight, since metal weighs more, but the concept would be the same. Cheers !! Larry