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  1. sethshaun

    For my brother

    My brother got me a nice recurve bow so i made him a knife. Blade was hand filed from a piece of Alabama Damascus. The the guy at the knife show gave me a free piece to start with! Cool dude! The finger guard is nickel/silver and it was done with a few rat-tail files and sandpaper. The wood I am...
  2. sethshaun

    made this for a friend

    I was just messing around free handing with no fear of messing up and this funny critter kinda popped into existence. First person i showed thought it was crap but the Lady I made it for REALLY likes it. 2" 1095 3/16" thick blade hollow ground on 6" wheel hidden tang heated and smashed...
  3. sethshaun

    Building nwg

    I got the plans from MKS and I am rounding up the steel that's needed. I have some 1 1/2" square bar that I was going to use for the tool arms but the plans specify 1 3/4" tube for this. Is that number set in stone? Will the wheels still work with a smaller bar? My 2" tube has 1/4" inch walls. I...
  4. sethshaun

    That was fun!

    I just sold my first two knives! (#2 and #5) That's all. It feels good. Gon buy more stuff and make more knives! :D
  5. sethshaun

    particle woes

    Am I wasting my time using a dust mask? I have been using N95 type masks.....which ever ones seem to have the most materials on the packaging. I want to get a twin can respirator but its about $60 at Home Depot. What I want to know is are the masks I am using doing much good or are the tiny...
  6. sethshaun

    my plunges could be better

    I have trouble getting out the deeper grindmarks from my plunges. I like to tell myself that I just need to invest in a 2x72 and it will make plunges and bevels easier. Right now I use a 6" bench grinder, angle grinder, 6x6x36 belt/disc grinder, bandsaw, drillpress, dremel and lots and lots...
  7. sethshaun

    knife #4 (first forged blade)

    This is knife #4 forged from a Crosby 9 1/2 ton shackle. I don't know what the make up is but it felt tough to move with my 4 lb hammer. For the first one I didn't want to use expensive steel. I used cypress for the handle. Homemade layered veneer and a red spacer. The first handle was junk...
  8. sethshaun

    Hello from central Florida

    Hey y'all, I'd like to not be a stranger so I will say hi. So here is how the obsission started. Dad said, "I think I want to make knives"....and I said ok (on the inside I said yeah ok ;) this won't work). So he got a Wayne Goddard book and played around on the Internet...and since he worked in...