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    For Sale - Tools Culling The Herd

    Time to clean house after 35+ years of collecting. Some of these tools have seen little or no use in years and are mostly duplicates. Grizzly grinder....bought new with less than 20 hours on it. Drill Press...16 speed, 3/4 hp floor model. Peter Wright Anvil....145 pound, resurfaced, blanchard...
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    Hi all, I've been missing in action quite a while but alive and well. The weathers' absolutely dismal here in the north east but there's a bright spot Sunday, Nov 4 in Marlboro MA. Get out of the house and come to the show, lots of shiny stuff to gawk at and good conversation. see you there...
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    Stacked Leather Hunter

    52100 3-1/4" blade/ 7-1/2" total. Stainless hardware/ Brass spacers. Black stacked leather. My leatherwork. Rudy
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    X-mas Delivery

    Deep etch random pattern weld. 4" blade/ 9" total. Bronze hardware/ red liners. Ironwood. My leatherwork. Delivered Christmas eve day...just in time. Rudy
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    6" Petty

    Finished and gone this past Saturday. Took these less than pretty pics on the fly while the customer waited. S35Vn / 11" overall. Polished satin finish with x-tra fine Scotchbrite wheel. 416 stainless fittings /satin finish. Laminated Bamboo scales. Rudy
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    Your Chance To Shine Look them over, put in your 2 cents and help make it a success. There's way more members here than have been posting. Your participation...
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    Get involved Yeah....everyone is busy this time of year but if you're on the forum, take a quick glance at these sub-forums and maybe put in your 2...
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    Attention keith willis

    Hey Keith, Your diaper errrrrrrrr I mean your message box is FULL. Clean it out please ! Rudy:biggrin:
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    Large Stacked Hunter

    I took some of the advise to heart from the last knife I posted and it sort of worked. There's still some funny stuff going on with the flats and the rest is me not noticing the crap all over everything. It is frustrating trying to get good pics. O-1 6" blade/ 10 3/4" OA All stainless hardware...
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    Large Stacked Hunter

    O-1 6" blade/ 10 3/4ish" OA polished All stainless hardware satin finish Black spacers I took some pic taking advise from the comments on the last knife posted and it worked better but the flats are still showing strange stuff. I'll keep trying. Thanks for looking. Rudy
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    Stacked Leather Hunter

    Finished last week but I put off taking pics because I absolutely S#&%@K at it. These are the best two out of oooooh a billion shots maybe. The blade and bolster look like heck but it really doesn't here in person. Anyway, enjoy if you can. I may be done with pictures for the forseeable future...
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    Stacked Hunter

    This one has been laying around for a week awaiting the inevitable picture taking session that I keep puting off. I may just give up on taking pictures.....nothing but problems and seems like a big waste of my time. Here you go anyways. Stacked leather washers. 9 1/4" OA. O-1 4" cutting edge...
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    Pointy Thing

    A little out of my traditional box, this is as "tactical" as I want to get. Originally designed as a shorter boot knife but at 8-3/4", it's a little big for that. Blade is 1075, clayed...etched and polished. Everybody does a etched blade with a hamon or patina on it, i decided to go the other...
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    Pointy Thing

    *1075 Clayed, etched and polished *10" hollow grind *8-3/4" OA 4-1/4" blade. *Buffalo horn scales. Brass pins & liners. *My own sheath. * Crappy pics by me, as usual. This is as good as it gets out of 20+ shots. Rudy
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    Ncca annual show/ conn

    Get out from the winter blaaaahs. Just knives and accesories for 2 days. All the infos in the link, check out the raffle donation pics. See you there. Rudy
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    PM messages being aborted.

    KD has been loading painfully slow for about 3 weeks. I cooked and ate dinner recently and it still hadn't loaded fully. This is the only site I go to doing this. Every other site runs normally. Answering PMs is a nightmare. It lets me type everything out, when I hit "submit message" it...
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    Pic manager file

    How does one go about deleting pictures from the picture file manager ? There appears to be no option to delete pics. I recently learned how to resize pictures...big deal for me.... I want to replace the hugely oversize pictures already stored with the new improved model from my browser files...
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    Experiment gone Right (?)

    I tried new things on this one and it seems to have worked out OK. Good reviews from people who've seen it. The pics are the best 2 out of over is what it is. 1075 Clayed / Etched and then polished. Definitely a different look. 7-1/2" total / 3-1/2" blade still need sharpening...
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    ATT Faron Moore

    keeping with my resolution to take and post pics for the fourth year in a row....I finally got around to this knife. I can already see this resolution won't go far again. The whole pic process is a nightmare for me. Anyway, Faron Moore was kind enough to stabilize some thick hide I had as an...
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    Help/ TA-4 PID program help.

    I installed a Mypin TA-4 PID as a temp control for my HT oven at least a year ago and it worked fine.....till now. I tried changing the temp setting from 1450* to 1950* today and after hitting the set button it goes right back to 1450* and works fine at that temp. After a couple hours of trying...