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  1. SC_Knives

    ISO Knife Blade Manufacturing

    Hi Guys, Due to some circumstances I'm unable to make my own blades at the momemt... Is there anyone willing to make a small run of my design of blades? I'm looking at 25-50 at the most and would need them cut, heat treated, ground, and sharpened and preferably made with stainless steel...
  2. SC_Knives

    A Few Sheaths

    I haven't posted anything in a long, long time... Here are a couple of my latest sheaths.
  3. SC_Knives

    Is My Leather Finish Causing My Knife Handles To Expand???

    I have ran into a problem... I recently noticed that 3 of my natural wood knife handles have expanded at least a 1/32" - 1/16" and it has started since I changed finishes on my sheaths. I have used Neatsfoot oil on all of my sheaths for 2-3 years and I liked the results, but some of my customers...
  4. SC_Knives

    First Try With Kydex

    Here is a picture of a Kydex knife sheath that I have been working on. This is my second attempt, the first one was a neck knife sheath that I wasn't really impressed with. The milled slots are for a strap to allow the sheath to be worn on an ankle or leg. The knife is one of my Ripcord...
  5. SC_Knives

    Daqar Knife

    Hey guys, I've been working on this style for a little while now and finally have a few of them done. The knife is based off of the Sharp Finger style, but has been modified. AUS Stainless Steel 3.5" blade and 7.5" overall The word Daqar is Hebrew and it means to pierce or to pierce...
  6. SC_Knives

    Rope/Strap Knife

    Hot off of the bench A local bull fighter approached me this summer to come up with a knife to cut loose hung up bull riders. Spent about a month designing and testing out different prototypes, and this one is the best one so far. The reverse loop is 7/8" wide and is dulled by the finger...
  7. SC_Knives

    Wanted to Buy - Delta 5 Tanto Point Kit Knife or Blank

    I'm looking for a couple of the Delta 5 Tanto point kits. They are no longer sold, and kind of need some for a project I'm working on. This is what I need - PM if you have one or know of someone who does. Thanks! - Cory
  8. SC_Knives

    Bright Orange Material

    Been on warpath lately to find a bright orange dyed wood or dymondwood. Anyone know if that color is made? Or a neon green, or anything bright? Micarta or G10 would be the first choice, however, my lungs do not like the dust even with the aid of a respirator and dust collector. Thanks...
  9. SC_Knives

    Double Wheel Hollow Grinder

    Came across a few pictures and videos of this setup and was wondering if anyone has used it or has plans of it? It looks interested to say the least.
  10. SC_Knives

    Refinished Tomahawk

    This was a basic hawk that needed some t.l.c. The head was reground and was cold blued and the hickory handle was stained and finished with tru-oil. Hope you like it!
  11. SC_Knives

    New Sheath Design

    Hey guys. Started this project a few weeks ago and have been trying to step up my leather work. Here are the pictures of the new sheath. There are still a whole list of things that need improving or changing, but its slowly getting there.
  12. SC_Knives

    Leather Snaps Question

    I've been using the line leather snaps for the last few years with mixed results, and I am looking for something different... Does anyone know if screw style leather snaps exist? I have used the screw style rivets before, but haven't seen a snap like that yet. Any help would be great!
  13. SC_Knives

    Basic Fillet Knives

    Hey guys, have a few fillet knives to show off. They aren't anything real fancy, just functional.
  14. SC_Knives

    Small Damascus

    Small Damascus Skinner with a Ironwood handle. Hope you like it!
  15. SC_Knives

    Modified Buck 143

    A buddy sent me his Buck 143 and requested that I put a handle on it. The blade is a stock 143 the handle is Ziricote.
  16. SC_Knives

    New Chef Knife

    Hey fellas! Finished this one up today. VG10 Chef Knife with Redwood Burl handles. Hope you like it - Cory
  17. SC_Knives

    Warthog V-Sharp Sharpener

    Had a guy ask me about a Warthog V-Sharp Knife Sharpener the other day. I'm not really familiar with the name brand or the product, besides a 1 minute demo I saw about 6 years ago and what they have on their website. Are the worth the money, do they actually work, and would it be a good...
  18. SC_Knives

    Prayer Request

    Hey guys would like to ask for some prayer... Been going through a few rough months of financial strain. I'm looking into some other work and trying to pick up orders in the mean time. Just need some relief from worrying about when the next paycheck will be coming in, and to be able to cover my...
  19. SC_Knives

    Mystery Wood - Need some help identify it.

    Hey guys - Was digging through the shop and found some blocks of mystery wood. I'll post some pictures of the blocks in question. Any ideas about what it is?
  20. SC_Knives

    MITH Giveaway - Ironwood

    Opened up the box today and found some great knife making supplies from Mark Behnke Had to post a picture of the chunk of Ironwood he sent. There is a mobile picture of the split block and a picture of 3 scales sets that I took out of it. Thanks again Mark - Can't wait to use up the...