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  1. clancy

    what size power hammer?

    Control is critical, a brake makes a mechanical hammer much more useful. Being able to deliver a single controlled blow allows one to use special tooling and forge some amazing things. Some air hammers are excellent in this regard. A press can do some interesting things with tools but will be...
  2. clancy

    what size power hammer?

    I like my forging press for getting good welds. I then turn to my 100 lb little Giant for drawing out the billet. The hammer knocks off the scale instead of pressing it in. Flat dies in the press also cool the billet very fast and limit what I can do in terms of drawing. I have made some...
  3. clancy

    Everyone... take care of your bodies.

    After being diagnosed as diabetic, I started a no grain, low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet (LCHF) 3 years ago and lost 60 lbs. This fixed my cholesterol numbers and reduced my HbA1c from 9 to 5.6 and made me feel great. I have managed to stay off insulin for 3 years now. This summer...
  4. clancy

    Everyone... take care of your bodies.

    Agreed, I would never take statins. I can't understand how people take something that damages muscles and think it can be good for your heart. I eat a high fat - low carb, legume and grain free diet and have never been better. ernie
  5. clancy

    Prehistoric man----ADHD----Contemporary knife making.

    There is evidence the ADHD and hyperactivity is reduced with a low carb/high fat paleo type diet. There are tons of podcasts and lots of new research that indicates many of today's chronic illnesses are caused by inflammation related to diet. I started 3 years ago and lost 70 lbs, cleared up...
  6. clancy

    First Knife. Please Critique!

    It looks good, that would be a nice little knife to carry.
  7. clancy

    Whats your pref on steel for fillet knife?

    I made a nice fillet knife for a friend from 12C27. He used it until his wife took it over, now it is a kitchen knife that is used every day. ernie
  8. clancy

    NCCA / Marlboro, MA

    Rudy sorry I missed you. I went to the show. It was smaller than I expected. A 3 hour drive to get there and 15 minutes to see everything. I went to every booth 3 times, had a free coffee, looked long and hard at the free donuts then took one last lap around the room and left. Time elapsed...
  9. clancy

    NCCA / Marlboro, MA

    Wife said sure lets go... too hot for a picnic anyway. Do you have a table we should look for? ernie
  10. clancy

    NCCA / Marlboro, MA

    Sounds like a interesting show. It has been years, maybe I can get the wife to skip the woodworkers picnic and go to a nice air conditioned event. ernie
  11. clancy

    Weekly open forge

    Keith, I like your knife designs, we need to do some trading. My prediction: someday the dark side will call .... and you will forge some knives. Once you start making damascus you won't want to go back to stainless steel. ernie
  12. clancy

    Weekly open forge

    Rob, Let me know when you want to come up and we can forge a damascus billet for you. ernie.
  13. clancy

    Weekly open forge

    Well Frank, first I need to get some lady bladesmiths but then I think my wife would frown on your idea and cancel my weekly event. LOL.
  14. clancy

    Weekly open forge

    For anyone in the Malta NY area I wanted to mention that I have an open forge every Tuesday evening at 6pm. Usually 2 or 3 guys show up, some just interested in blacksmithing others like to talk knives or even forge one. This week one of the guys was interested in damascus so we made a 10...
  15. clancy

    Latest Medical news

    Ed, Sorry to hear about your health issues. Have you thought about the effects of diet? Gluten sensitivity, or Celiac disease can cause severe pain and weight loss. Sensitivity to dairy products can also be a big problem. Books like "Wheat Belly" reference lots of good information on the...
  16. clancy

    3rd Annual KD July KITH

    Very sorry, I waited too long to start and I just don't have time to make a good knife for the KITH. Please take me off the list. Clancy
  17. clancy

    need Bader B2 advice re: upgrading to VFD

    I have one of those old Baders which works great for hogging but does not track as well as my new variable speed B3. Make sure you get the upgrade stronger spring it will improve the tracking greatly. ernie
  18. clancy

    The Official "Show us your shop dog" thread

    Here is clancy, He was kind of wild as a pup, Later he became captain of our bass boat. ernie
  19. clancy

    Surface grinder belt questions.

    I take about .005" per pass on the billets My belt type surface grinder will work on damascus but it eats up belts. The forge scale is really hard to remove. I found that the angle grinder is best to remove the forge scale. I have also had some success with vinegar soaks. ernie
  20. clancy

    A dunk bucket tip for all!

    some guys use baking soda in their grinding dip tank. This is supposed to minimize corrosion of the freshly ground blades. ernie