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  1. Tinkerbear

    Board of Directors check in

    I must admit that paperwork is not my strength. Is anyone aware of a person that is part of the guild who would enjoy this task? Perhaps have the board appoint an officer in this case?
  2. Tinkerbear

    Suggestions on where to direct our efforts

    If possible I would like to see a calendar set that has one class per month. Spread over various places and with no real specificity on one topic per year. This would allow all of us with larger shops to host classes that are our strengths. It will also allow our individual perspectives and...
  3. Tinkerbear

    Suggestions on where to direct our efforts

    Yes sir, He is a member of this guild as of today and makes some of the most beautiful folders I have seen. He is out of Hopkins, MO. I would strongly suggest a look at his Instagram or Facebook for representations of his work.
  4. Tinkerbear

    Hello from Pleasantville

    Hi Everyone! My name is Carlin Al-Andas and I am living in Pleasantville Iowa. I am a full-time smith and focus on high quality functional blades. I am really happy to be here and had a great time at the meeting yesterday. I look forward to many more meeting and meeting many more fine people!