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  1. Daniel Macina

    Hedge post

    In my opinion hedge is about the best wood you can get for a post. I would personally strip the bark but that’s just me. It’s such a hard wood I don’t think you’ll go wrong however you decide to do it.
  2. Daniel Macina

    Hedge post

    All the ones I’ve ever seen have the bark stripped. I would think the bark being on would promote bugs in that sort of thing.
  3. Daniel Macina

    Another Texas Hello

    Howdy from Texas! Welcome!
  4. Daniel Macina

    Anyone else got orders for one of these?

    hahaha! I really don’t understand what people see in these.
  5. Daniel Macina

    KMG TX Video Review

    That tab is really neat to tighten the tooling arm. I didn’t notice that they had that and I’ve never seen any other grinders that do.
  6. Daniel Macina

    Titanium Damascus thread

    I have been wanting to try this. Please keep us updated how it goes.
  7. Daniel Macina

    What's going on in your shop?

    Just Red layout fluid that I have a bad habit of getting over everything within range. Almost out of red have some blue coming soon.
  8. Daniel Macina

    Bad forge weld?

    I had the same problem on some San mai the other day and was curious the same thing. Was just shy to ask. :D
  9. Daniel Macina

    What's going on in your shop?

    I’m digging that shape!
  10. Daniel Macina

    What's going on in your shop?

    Got this chefs knife ground. It’s rough now but it’ll clean up nice. Tough grind.
  11. Daniel Macina

    Anybody have a rock tumbler?

    now that is an idea! It would take a lot of media and would probably be louder than tarnation but it would be the ticket for big stuff like axes and that sort of thing!
  12. Daniel Macina

    Leather sewing machine

    I didn’t take it that way at all. I was thinking last time I looked a new machine was like $2300 and I seem to of been wrong on that. I completely agree with you that if the price is that little a difference I would go for the new one as well.
  13. Daniel Macina

    Leather sewing machine

    Sorry last time I looked at them I remember them being quite a bit more. Sorry for the bad information.
  14. Daniel Macina

    Leather sewing machine

    Good price for that machine. As long as it runs good go for it!
  15. Daniel Macina

    Number 200

    I’ve been following that one on Instagram. Beautiful work sir and congratulations on 200!
  16. Daniel Macina

    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - BEST NEW BUILDER

    Shoot. I’m sorry didn’t realize you had been at it that long. I sure don’t deserve the nomination. You’ve got my vote Bruce! Haha!
  17. Daniel Macina

    Enough said! :)

    That’s some mighty fine eatin Jon! I used to be a huge football fan and haven’t really watched it in quite some time. I was going to watch the Super Bowl but we have dish and they’ve had the channel blacked out for a while now so they took care of that problem for me. Lol