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  1. Guindesigns

    Cryogenic quenching question

    I have some D2 I am trying to get ready to heat treatment, and was wondering a few things Do I need to cryogenic quench? And if so what's better liquid nitrogen or dry ice and kerosene? Does it matter??
  2. Guindesigns

    Quick question.

    To taper my blade from the ricasso to the tip do it the same as the handle??
  3. Guindesigns

    Need some help with this guard.

    So I was asked to fix and finish this knife by a man whoms knifemaker friend pasted away before he could finish. Only problem is his friend had more experience than me. So I'm confused on how he planned to put a gaurd on this knife. The end is wider than the area at which the guard goes and...
  4. Guindesigns

    Chef knife project.

    My uncle has asked me for a chef knife. I was thinking of doing some file work to make it look fance on the spine of the handle. But on second thought that work cause a hot spot in your hand while working. Or am I over thinking this. Also if anyone knows a place I may look up simple designs...
  5. Guindesigns

    Any ideas for wood knives??

    I want to get into wood carving just a little bit and I figured I'd start by making my own carving knife. Does anyone have any ideas about what design would work better. Maybe even patterns??
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    What material is best??

    What is a good material to use for a high end paring knife??
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    Need help on these few ASAP!!

    I'm working one these few and have almost finished but when I polished the handles up now they have the black rouge I use on my wheel stuck in them plus I have the gap next to a pin or two. How can I get the rouge out and what can I use to fill the gaps without having to put the handles back on...
  8. Guindesigns

    Which files are best?

    I'm looking for some files to use in my knife making. I'd like to use them for adding file work on the spines of my knives but would like to have enough for just in case moments. Any suggestions?
  9. Guindesigns

    Caracol Blowers.

    I finally got my blower on this ole charcoal forge working. But it seems like it has a reservoir for maybe oil, can anyone help me out on this.
  10. Guindesigns

    My first ice pick.

    Needed an ice pick made an ice pick. Thoughts, comments??
  11. Guindesigns

    Ice pick.

    I got bored and we needed an ice pick so in the shop I went and in less than 10mins I had this.
  12. Guindesigns

    Got some time in today.

    Got all my knives drilled and started working on some of the other. Cleaned up an old design and then messed it up so it got a new thumb well. Now to finish the few that are heat treated and clean up and heat treat the rest of them. I think I'm need more handle material and epoxy. Hahahaha
  13. Guindesigns

    Should I get my LLC??

    Ok right now I'm not making nearly enough knives to say I have a business, as much as I like saying it. I right now can safely say it's a hobby. But not a full fledged business. Should I get my LLC or no. If not how can I sell my knives. I have a Facebook page but I was told that if I sell off...
  14. Guindesigns

    My frist treatment in my own shop.

    Well I got threw the day with no shop fires and with any luck 3 newly heat treated blades. These are O1 tool steel. I used a formula off line and that someone gave me as guidelines. I'm hoping they turn out alright. Only time will tell.
  15. Guindesigns

    Need custom tools.

    I'm looking to do an a grind but I'm lost on how I could get the 3ft radius grind into my knife.I thought a custom platen but I wouldnt know about how to make it. Any thoughts?
  16. Guindesigns

    Cleaver questions

    I am flirty with the idea of making a beard cleaver. I have a question tho I've seen a few cleaver with the face edge being sharpen is there a practical reason for this? Also how thick should I go with it? What kind of steel makes a better cleaver? Thanks any input will be helpful.
  17. Guindesigns

    I forgot which steel I used.

    Ok I have D2 steel I've made knives out of, however I'm not sure if it's just D2 or CPM-D2. I need to heat treat but I'm not sure how. Any suggestions??
  18. Guindesigns

    Wheels run off.

    Haha clickbait. But seriously where can I buy larger contact wheels without breaking my bank. I talk 12 14 16 inch wheels. Thanks
  19. Guindesigns

    Tapering tangs.

    I was told to look for John Barker's tutorial on tampering tangs but I can't seem to find it does anyone just have the link. Or link to a good video or something I have a knife that needs to be done and the only one I've ever did was years ago under extreme supervision from a mentor. Thanks
  20. Guindesigns

    18th Century french trade knife.

    I was asked if I could make three 18th century French trade knives, by a co-worker today. If I did a if you don't retreat and use high carbon steel blades could he use the spine as a striker for making fire with Flint and char cloth?