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  1. Ironwolf

    Off in the distance, there's a lonesome howl.....

    Well, not really lonesome, maybe a fire truck went by or sumthin'... Hello all you Dogs out there, I'm back. I want to offer my deepest apology to all you who call me Friend: as you may remember I was goin' thru some stuff (dealing with my ex), and toward the end of it, I got clobbered...
  2. Ironwolf


    Just wanted to stop in real quick and say 'Howdy'! Dolly and I are just getting settled into the new place but don't have internet yet: should be back online in a week or so. See ya'll soon, Wolf.
  3. Ironwolf

    Smoke and warm thoughts for ya'll

    So this is what the 'Storm of The Century' looks like... (I'm on the edge of it; the arrow pointing at the lil' black dot on Vancouver Island) Smoke and prayers goin' out to you all... I'm sending warm thoughts your way! follow this to see what the weather's doing: click on All Images,bottom...
  4. Ironwolf

    Happy Australia Day to our Brothers down under

    Happy Australia Day to ya'll, I'm thinking dry thoughts for all you who are dealing with the aftermath of the recent floods!
  5. Ironwolf

    RIP George Tichbourne...and,please,help his wife,Carol...

    Some of you may have known him,or like me,known of him... His widow Carol needs help.
  6. Ironwolf

    Something I'm going to do in the near future!

    Some of you may know Danny and Mia, and I know a few of you are Fans of Mia's on Facebook,like I am (and I DON'T do the "Fan Thing")... Come spring time (maybe sooner),I will be doing up a knife (I already have the blade and components) for a raffle to benefit Mia and Danny's cause. In the...
  7. Ironwolf

    any WIP or tutorials on coloring damascus?

    I had a look,but didn't see any... Is there an inexpensive way to get a reasonably durable color finish on damascus (for damascus jewelry)? I have very limited means and space for doing it,in terms of equipment and supplies, so the easier,the better... Thank you! Wolf.
  8. Ironwolf

    A Thank You to Indian George...

    I just got a message today from IG, telling me I'm the one he chose to benefit from his recent raffle... I am overwhelmed with the generosity of the folks here... IG, thank you Brother, this means I will eat better than Mac-n-Cheese for the rest of the month! I have a little $ saved (a VERY...
  9. Ironwolf

    anyone have any scrap damascus & mokume?

    Do any of you have any decent sized scraps of damascus and/or mokume of a size,color and pattern suitable for earrings and pendants? (really vivid contrast and tightly patterned stuff) I want to make a few things for my daughter,and for Dolly (earrings and pendants), and a few things for my...
  10. Ironwolf

    Happy New Year from Wolf to all you Dogs

    Hi folks, sorry I haven't been around much: I spent Christmas with my daughter,saw my sister, and picked up my finance at the airport on the 26th... We've been getting caught up on the 20 years since we were last together. I just wanted to stop by and wish you all the most incredible New...
  11. Ironwolf

    Merry Christmas from Ironwolf and my 'cub'

    I wanted to stop by and wish my KnifeDog Family a Merry Christmas, and to share a few pics of me and my 'cub',Britannia. From my family to yours, many Blessings and Peace to you!
  12. Ironwolf

    I got something on my mind...

    I was recently contacted by someone here, because of something that was passed on to him by someone else here...(very cryptic,I know,but bear with me :) ) I'm not gonna say who,or what it was about, but I just gotta say that Christmas for my daughter and I is going to be a much brighter thing...
  13. Ironwolf

    Anyone else get Burt Fosters newsletter?

    Has anyone else seen his new big knife... His "Composite Laminated Integral"? ... wow... And his Dark Sides are smokin' hot too. I ain't seen hamons that made me giddy like his do...(it's not just me is it?):biggrin:
  14. Ironwolf

    What is Living Steel?

    Living Steel... What makes a knife more than a knife? It's not design, materials or method of construction. It's not the level of skill or years of experience and knowledge. It's the Awareness,Appreciation and Celebration of Life that we carry within us... a thing called Passion. We express it...
  15. Ironwolf

    Forging CPM S30V...

    I just read in interesting article by Wayne Goddard in the latest Blade, regarding the forging of stainless steels, and he includes a table for annealing times & temps for a few steels, including CPM S30V... Has anyone done any comparison tests to determine the benefits of forging CPM S30V?
  16. Ironwolf

    Congrats to Les George!

    Holy cow, On the cover of Dec issue of Blade, then in the Profile In Steel,Feb issue! Well deserved Les,glad to see you gettin' the exposure! (you sure make a handsome knife for such a homely fella...:3: )
  17. Ironwolf

    What's your coolest DIY/Homemade tool,gizmo and/or piece of equipment?

    Whether you made it yourself,someone made it for you, or you bought from someone, let's see your homemade/DIY gadgets,gizmos, "3rd Hands" and stuff!
  18. Ironwolf

    O.k. you Dogs, strut your steel! Show us what you got!!!

    A year ago I got a blade for a customer,forged from L-6,triple mar-quenched and man,was it tough. The maker showed me some pics of the knife cutting 1/2" slugs from a stainless steel rod. The customer has sent me emails telling how he can skin out 2-3 big bucks without needing to sharpen the...
  19. Ironwolf

    Inexpensive DIY (light duty) milling machine

    I stumbled across this (and a few others) the other day... anyone else make their own for doing handle scales-n-such?
  20. Ironwolf

    Smoke for a fine Lady...

    Folks,a friend of mine just told me that his gal is battling breast cancer; she's going in soon to undergo prep tests and surgery, so please,would you offer up smoke & prayer for her and her partner? Thank you and God bless!