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  1. Gliden07

    NCCA Knife shows

    Anyone been to any of the NCCA (Norheast Custom Cutlery Association) Knife shows in Marlborough MA or in CT? They dont look very large. I would like to go to a show but being unemployed hard to justify the money to go to something like Blade as much as I'd like to!!
  2. Gliden07

    Thin forged Chefs knife

    I watched a Video by Nick Rossi forging a Chefs knife from a piece of 1084 1/4" x 1-1/2". He managed to drag it out to almost 14" and 2" wide at the heel. It's real thin and probably 95% forged to shape. How the heck do you heat treat a knife as thin as this without warping?? This is the link to...
  3. Gliden07

    Forging 01

    I have a friend that recently came into a small stash of 01 Tool Steel. Over the last couple days hes tried to forge a couple of blades, they have looked good thru the forging process. He goes and does his 3 normalizing cycles and as they cool they have both cracked severely! One in a few...
  4. Gliden07

    Brent Bailey Hammer

    Anybody get one of this gents hammers?? I ordered one a couple weeks ago. Didnt need but I wanted it!! LOL!! I bought the 11/2LB all round hammer. I watched a couple of his videos and just had to get one! If I like it maybe another!! Anyway if anyone has bought one of his hammers let me know...
  5. Gliden07

    First grind on Disc

    Well I did my first grind on my Disc Grinder. Came ot ok I polished it up to 1K on the paper so I could see if there was any problems. Of course there was! Lots of radial scratches in the blade because I didn't spend enough time on a certain grit. Plus I used cheap HF paper, need to get some...
  6. Gliden07

    Kens Custom Iron

    I know a lot of you guys either have or make your own tongs. I wanted to get up and running, I'm building so many things from scratch now I needed a helping hand so I bought a few pair of Ken's Custom Iron tongs. First let me say the customer service is Great! The Rapid tong blanks I bought were...
  7. Gliden07

    Disk sander

    Tried my Disk Sander tonight on a forged knife that's made from mild steel (unknown to me at the time). Wow I like it I need some practice with it but did a quick progression on blank just to see how it works. The grind wasn't the best to start but the disk really flattened it out! Have another...
  8. Gliden07


    Found an old blade for a farm implement never spark tested it or anything. Forged it out decided to spark test it no good! Must be mild steel. Anyway finished the forging cause I need the practice, wanted to practice a new way I was shown how to grind that's quite a bit faster. As an experiment...
  9. Gliden07

    New Anvil on Amazon 100LB for about $370 delivered? Anyone have any experience with one of these. Literature says they are not cast Iron and are around a 52 HRC. Is this a viable...
  10. Gliden07

    Germilina wood

    Has anyone tried this for handles and scales?? My Brother went to the Philippines and brought me some of this and Mahogany. Obviously this is all untreated. Do I need to stabilize it to use? The Germilina is Rock Hard!
  11. Gliden07

    Santa came early Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Just recieved my gift from Jeremy Barlett!! Man did I clean up!! Curley Walnut Block, Crotch Walnut Block, Blue dyed Curly Maple scales and the Cherry on the top (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!) a piece of San Mai Billet made by Mr Barlett himself!! Thank you Jeremy for your generosity!! I hope everyone on...
  12. Gliden07

    Heat treating Thin Chefs knives

    Is there a trick to heat treating a thin chefs knife blade?? I was at a well known makers shop and watched him forge a chefs knife. He got the cutting edge less than a 1/16" I asked him how he would heat treat the blade and all he said was "VERY CARFULLY". It was made out of 1084 and was a full...
  13. Gliden07

    New Disk grinder

    I'm working on building a new 9" Low Low Budget Disc Grinder. Got the disk from a friend (he never used it) it has a 1 Degree bevel, I had the 3/8" plate I made the frame with, another friend of mine blew out the hole on the frame to mount the 56C motor which was another freebie (3ph multi tap...
  14. Gliden07

    Von Gruf

    Anyone see or hear from him at all?? I was following his Presentation Box saw the finished product but wondered if they had been all sold off. I assume they were as his work was outstanding!
  15. Gliden07

    First knife you made

    I was going through some things the other day and found the first knife I ever made. Thought it would be interesting to see other makers first knives. So please post a pic if you have one with a brief description. I'll start!! This is 01 Tool steel with Black Micarta scales and SS 1/4" pins...
  16. Gliden07

    Dragons Breath Forge Holiday meet

    So a friend and I went to Dragons Breath Forge today in Wolcott CT. Matt Parkinson and Jamie Lundell own and operate the place. They had a "Holiday" meet there. They had some other builders and crafts people selling their wares. Matt and Jamie were doing forging demonstrations for the crowd on...
  17. Gliden07

    Etsy store up

    Well I've decided to take the plunge! And opened an Etsy store. If anyone wants to take a look and give me their perspective and any constructive criticism that would be fantastic! The name of shop once you go to Etsy is "berkshirehandcrafts" all one word no spaces. Please let me know what you...
  18. Gliden07

    Etsy Store

    Anyone ever try using Etsy to sell their knives?? If ya did how did it go and was it worth it??
  19. Gliden07


    What are you guys using to sharpen with?? I love my Lansky but it takes forever! recently I've been using a 400G belt on my 2X72 and then finishing on strop. Would like a system that was a little more accurate.
  20. Gliden07

    Chef Knife Done

    Really like the way this one came out! I cleaned out the epoxy I missed when I took these pics. Dont know how I missed them!