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  1. Steven Janik

    Finally,,,,, a joke.

    A big game hunter was walking through the jungle in Africa when he came across a giant bull elephant lying dead in the trail with a small pygmy standing on his back. The hunter asked, "did you kill this animal?" "Yep" exclaimed the pygmy, "I killed him with my club". "your club?" asked the...
  2. Steven Janik

    Today's EDC

    Today I am carrying "The Westin" designed by Les George as sold by Kershaw. It is a great piece, has a flawlessly smooth action and is shaving sharp. I've said this before but here goes: I don't care where these come from, they are great quality and an American Maker and Designer of the highest...
  3. Steven Janik


    Peter Martin is as old as dirt today. I'm not talking about that shiny new dirt that you buy in bags at the Garden Center, I'm talking about that old stuff that dinosaurs used to make pee pee on. You know what I'm talking about. Happy Birthday, Peter anonymous
  4. Steven Janik

    Tinfoil Hat Society

    There has always been an underlying buzz here on KnifeDogs regarding a "secret society" of "illuminati", "know-it-alls", "bigwigs", or other wise just plain "wise guys". The common thread being the fact that they all wore special tinfoil hats that kept them safe from mindreaders, gamma rays...
  5. Steven Janik

    Keith done got hisself Hitched...

    Just when we all thought that there was no more hope for poor ol' Keith Willis, an Angel came down to save his wretched soul. God Bless Donna and Keith.
  6. Steven Janik

    Meet our 2014 AVO Hunt Recipient

    Please meet Sgt Eddie Wright Sgt Wright graduated boot camp in 2001 where he received a Meritorious Mast and was promoted to Lance Corporal and was deployed to Iraq as an asst Team leader for Bravo Co 2nd Platoon. On April 07, 2004 he was wounded by enemy fire during a combat operation in the...
  7. Steven Janik

    For Sale - Tools Boyar Schultz "SIX TWELVE" surface grinder

    I have this surface grinder listed on eBay. Works great and includes chuck, stand and wheel. The starting bid is $600.00 but I would sell it to a Knife Dog for $500.00 with no fees. Must be local pick-up only. Joliet Illinois Area. Thanks for looking, Steve Ebay Link...
  8. Steven Janik

    Make an Old Timer feel good

    Today is Bruce Bump's 98th (whoops!! I mean 63rd) Birthday. Let's all give him a good ole Knife Dog cheer. Thanks, Steve
  9. Steven Janik

    Call for donations to benefit american valor outdoors raffle

    We are asking you for a donation of a finished knife (or anything) to go in a raffle with the proceeds going to American Valor Outdoors. Here is a repost from Steve from 2009. The cause is the same. The dates have changed a bit for 2014. I'm going to use my forum space to shamelessly promote...
  10. Steven Janik

    KMS Trapper kit in Carbon Fiber

    I tossed one the Bosses trapper kits together with a little CF scrap and it came out real nice. Steve
  11. Steven Janik

    Pitbull Fight

    Who says that pitbulls can't fight in a civilized manner.
  12. Steven Janik

    AVO Hunt Results

    As you know, our first attempt at the American Valor Outdoors deer hunt this year was a washout. With high winds, 75 degree temps and over 400 acres of standing corn we did more bird watching than deer hunting. Travis Brush, out host, was gracious enough to let us come back and out hunter...
  13. Steven Janik

    Silent auction for american valor knives

    Our own "Backtines" (Mike Debartolo), or as we like to call him, Lucky Lucky Lucky Mike won 3 knives in the recent Raffle to benefit our annual American Valor Outdoors Veteran Hunt. Mike has graciously requested that we auction these knives off to raise even more funds for this great cause. Our...
  14. Steven Janik

    Making FC

    Here's a link to a cheap process to make your own Ferric Chloride.
  15. Steven Janik

    BLADE Magazine

    Got my latest issue yesterday and paged through it quickly but did notice pics of knives by Bill Coye and Les George. There may be more 'Dogs in there so check it out!!!
  16. Steven Janik

    2012 KD Members Choice Awards

    Please check out and participate in this years KnifeDogs Members Choice Awards.
  17. Steven Janik

    2012 KD Members Choice Awards - TOP DOG

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  18. Steven Janik

    2012 KD Members Choice Awards - BEST FORUM EDUCATOR

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  19. Steven Janik

    2012 KD Members Choice Awards - LEATHERWORKS

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  20. Steven Janik

    2012 KD Members Choice Awards - HAWKS, AXES, or SWORDS

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