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  1. Randy Lucius

    Interesting Video Comparing Sandpapers

  2. Randy Lucius

    Picture From A Customer

    We all enjoy getting feedback on our work. When someone takes the time to send a picture that makes it really special. Customer sent a picture of a successful turkey hunt and thought you guys would enjoy seeing it. Not sure about you but most of my customers turn into friends and that is what I...
  3. Randy Lucius

    Ever Seen This Happen With Damascus?

    Grinding after heat treat and a small “chunk” let go. It’s a mini clever neck knife that I was making out of a left over piece. Not sure I can sand it out and make it look decent but I guess I’ll give it a try.
  4. Randy Lucius

    Leatherwork Stamps

    I want to get back into leatherwork this year. Messing around looking at “stuff”. Follow a guy on Instagram that has some unique stamps. Not sure of the quality or prices but they look nice.
  5. Randy Lucius

    OK, I Got A Question

    How is this done? The blue part?
  6. Randy Lucius

    Cutting and Profiling Stainless Steel

    Just started working with stainless. CPM154 and 440C. Cutting out the profiles with a port-a-band saw. It's killing blades. Using 18tpi blades that I used for high carbon steels. Should I be using a blade with more tpi or a different blade all together?
  7. Randy Lucius

    Thanks opaul!!

    Got a tip from opaul on doing a satin finish using a grey scotch brite pad. Tried it out tonight and I’m impressed with the results. Only sanded to 600 and hit it with the pad. It’s hard to photograph but it came out nice. Thanks opaul!
  8. Randy Lucius

    Well This Is Weird

    Still learning the new heat treat oven. This is 1084. Treatment was 1480F for 15 minutes. Quenched in Parks 50. Tempering it now. Hoping whatever this goofiness is it sands out ok. Anybody seen this before?
  9. Randy Lucius

    Red Label 400 Grit Ceramic Belts

    Anyone using Red Label 400 grit ceramic belts? Thinking about ordering some to compare with 400 grit AO belts. They should last longer. Link to belts. Red Label Belts
  10. Randy Lucius

    First Heat Treat of 440C Does This Look Normal?

    This is right out if the foil. Not tempered yet. Does this look ok? I don’t know what to look for.
  11. Randy Lucius

    Anybody Want To Do A Commission

    Have someone wanting a gut hook knife. Anyone interested?
  12. Randy Lucius

    Hey Man, Got A Light?

    I work out of my garage and the lighting is terrible. I have shop lights over my work bench and use sewing machine and other portable lights. I have a couple of lights that I use on my grinder. I saw these LED lights on FaceBook and ordered one on Amazon. Holy Moly, what a difference!! I'm...
  13. Randy Lucius

    I Don’t Want To But I’m Going To

    Not sure how I made this stupid mistake again. G10 bolsters. Will not smooth out and are horrible. So out comes the heat gun and off they go. I have some spalted birch to replace it and I’m using African Ebony for the bolster this time. Well it was a good looking knife from about 10 feet away. :)
  14. Randy Lucius

    Learned Something About Surface Grinding Today

    Bought a surface grinder awhile back and have been kinda frustrated with it. Was getting ridges in my material. Thought the wheel might need dressing. Bought a diamond dresser and after dressing it, same thing ridges. Out in the shop tonight started trying to solve my problem again. Decided...
  15. Randy Lucius

    Advice For A Meat Cleaver

    I have a friend that owns a great BBQ restaurant. He has one of my knives and mentioned that he would like to have a meat cleaver for the restaurant. He’s a great guy and helps a lot of people so I would like to make one as a gift to him. I don’t have a clue where to start. What steel? What...
  16. Randy Lucius

    First Try At Filework

    Had a little time to kill this evening so I thought I’d try to do some filework. The knife I received from Bruce had such beautiful filework that it made me want to try. I have a long way to go and I need better files. Yeah, that’s my excuse my files are junk.
  17. Randy Lucius

    Stainless Steel Recommendation

    Nearly all of knives this far have been high carbon. Made a few with AEB-L that I had to send off for heat treating. Might be getting a heat treat oven for Christmas and looking to do alot more work in stainless. Which stainless do you like and why? Thanks!!!
  18. Randy Lucius

    Christmas From KenH

    Got a package loaded with goodies from KenH today. Sandpaper, liner material in a bunch of different colors, pins and tubes to make mosaic pins. Black linen pin material, and two stabilized blocks. One in dyed maple and another sycamore block. A silver sharpie and a great tip. Ken says to mark...
  19. Randy Lucius

    Finishing G10

    Any way to finish this and make it look decent? Looks horrible now. I wasn't thinking when I used it for bolster material.
  20. Randy Lucius

    I Received My KITH From Bruce

    I really enjoyed Bruce"s WIP. Not many people would attempt a Bowie with files and sandpaper. It takes someone with some "want to". Bruce is the kind of guy that I would want on my side if I got in a jam. There's no quit in him. On to the knife. It's a beautiful piece!! The blade is very...