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  1. clancy

    Weekly open forge

    For anyone in the Malta NY area I wanted to mention that I have an open forge every Tuesday evening at 6pm. Usually 2 or 3 guys show up, some just interested in blacksmithing others like to talk knives or even forge one. This week one of the guys was interested in damascus so we made a 10...
  2. clancy

    Forge dragon breath

    Now that winter is over, I find that my gas forge is heating the shop a little too much. So I fabricated hinged front and back doors. I made it so it closes down as much as possible even with a handle sticking out. Now the billet handles don't heat up and the steel gets up to welding...
  3. clancy

    yard and shop tour

    Now that the weather is warming up it's time to cut and split firewood for next year. Take a walk past the woodpiles down to my shop and see where I spend my days. ernie
  4. clancy

    Welding up Ferry Flip

    Any tips on getting the weld lines to disappear when doing a Ferry flip? I've been using a press but the billet cools down so fast I think I would do better with the little Giant. You can see the problems I'm having with lines between every repeat. ernie
  5. clancy

    surface grinder conversion

    I had an old tool grinder that was just too slow and took too much cranking to use as a surface grinder. It occurred to me that it might possible to convert to a belt sander type. I gathered up some scrap laying around the shop and found that it was even easier that I imagined. I had to drill...
  6. clancy

    favorite grinding belt

    I stopped by Bader Co to pick up a few belts, Doug asked me to try out the 3M Cubitron II belts. They are supposed to be better than the original Cubitron belts. Wow .... I won't be buying those orange belts any more. I am really impressed with the cutting speed and how cool the belt runs...
  7. clancy

    best way to heat a shop?

    For someone living here in the North winter is never far away. I need to replace my old oil furnace and I wonder what is the best way to heat my shop? I will be working there most days so I need some cheap method to keep the shop about 60 degrees. I heat the house with wood but I need...
  8. clancy

    great water jet service!

    I found a company near my house that will do small water jet jobs. After trying to get jobs done by 2 other companies that could not be bothered to even quote on my files I was very happy to find a local company. They cut my parts in 2 weeks! My mind is spinning with all the things I want...
  9. clancy

    basket weave damascus

    I made my first basket weave pattern using the Ferry Flip method. The steel is 1084 and 15N20 from Aldo.
  10. clancy

    liner lock course Anyone going?

    I just signed up for the linerlock course at Montgomery college in Troy, NC. Anyone else going? Custom Folding Knives - Ed VanHoy April 28 - May 1, 2011 Cost $375 Design and craft a custom liner-lock folding knife. The instructor will show the basic principles and methods of...
  11. clancy

    damascus folder

    This is 1084 and 15N20 with a twist pattern, Ti liners and micarta scales. This is my 6th folder and I am starting to get a little faster making them. After taking the photos I etched and polished the blade so the the pattern stands out a lot better. Next I have to sharpen it, (guess how I...
  12. clancy

    first liner locks

    My first folders since 1994. I am thinking about grinding a big curve into the handle so the knives don't look so rectangular. any comments? ernie balch
  13. clancy

    Ashoken next weekend!

    I can't believe it's been a year already. I don't want to forget earplugs this year, that bunkhouse gets loud with all the snoring. Any knifedogs going? ernie
  14. clancy

    broke my Mayer 50lb hammer

    Does anyone sell replacement arms? The threads stripped off one of the arms making the nut and spring fly across the shop. The arm is a straight piece with a T on one end and threaded on the other. Ernie
  15. clancy

    dizzy while forging

    Yesterday I got so dizzy I couldn't stand up. I shut down the gas forge and sat down outside. I think it was carbon monoxide poisoning, even though I had two fans running, the doors were open as was the window. Today I bought a CO monitor with a digital display and found that CO level 20...
  16. clancy

    Going to Auburn Maine?

    Don Fogg is listed as an instructor, I'm thinking about driving up from Albany NY area Anyone want to ride along? July 23 through 25, 2010 Offered by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc. Hosted by the New England School of Metalwork Location: New England School of Metalwork 9 Albiston Way...
  17. clancy

    Greetings from the Frozen North

    I'm Ernie Balch from Ballston Spa NY I have lurked for a while and posted occasionally. I pound hot steel on weekends and am getting my shop fixed up so I can use it every day after I retire in a couple years. My big interest right now is in using photoresist to pattern and etch knives.
  18. clancy

    damascus W2, 203e

    I made this knife with some W2 and 203e. The bolster is wrought iron from Aldo.
  19. clancy

    wooden sheath

    I forged knife out of 52100 roller bearing. And made the sheath from select spalted maple firewood. It was stabilized with epoxy and a vacuum impregnation process.