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  1. Daniel Macina

    Tempering swing?

    How much swing is to much on a tempering oven? I can get my current oven to swing between 393 at it’s lowest and 407 at it highest with a set point of 400. Is that good enough or does it need improvement? Going to add some more thermal mass and see if that helps even more. Happy New Years guys!
  2. Daniel Macina

    3D Printer uses?

    I found a really good deal on a 3D printer and I’m just curious if you guys have any uses for them in the knife shop. I can see uses in casting and some prototyping but I’m not sure if it’s something I really need. Any thoughts? Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Daniel Macina

    A huge thank you and Merry Christmas!

    I received a care package today from one of the members here that I’ll keep anonymous unless he comes forward but he knows who he is! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am completely blown away with everyone’s generosity. Really the best place on the internet. I am going to do something very...
  4. Daniel Macina

    Received Tkroenleins Knife.

    I received Todd’s knife today and I am completely blown away. This legitimately means more to me than you’ll ever know. I feel horrible for what I sent you. In all seriousness if you would like something else from me I will be more than happy to make you any knife you want. I will take my time...
  5. Daniel Macina

    Two Christmas projects.

    Decided to forge a bunch of split crosses for Christmas gifts and made a few ornaments from the scraps. Second project I will post here in a few days as it’s not complete yet.
  6. Daniel Macina

    Tempering oven idea?

    What do you guys think of this for a tempering oven? Big enough and gets to 480°F. My thinking is it’s going to keep a Accurate Temp as it’s for use in labs and that sort of thing. I know a oven would probably be best I just don’t have the room...
  7. Daniel Macina

    Bandsaw advice.

    Alright guys I have a pickle. My local hardware store has this saw. For $180 tomorrow. I had my heart set on the harbor freight 4”x 6” but...
  8. Daniel Macina

    Black Friday wants?

    Anyone have anything there particularly wanting to pick up during the Black Friday/Cybermonday sales? I’m hoping to get a bandsaw myself.
  9. Daniel Macina

    My latest

    My second knife. 6”AEB-L blade Cocobolo scales brass pins and lanyard tube/bead. Bit of a photo dump as the lighting wasn’t very good.
  10. Daniel Macina

    Leatherwork ideas?

    I had posted a few days ago asking about my leather order. Long story short they were out of my usual Herman Oak drum dye they offered To send me two bellies After Getting some good advice here I told them not to send the bellies. The normal gentleman was out the person I spoke to said they...
  11. Daniel Macina

    Leather help?

    I ordered 5 sq ft of Herman oak leather the other day and got a call from Springfield leather today that they where all out but had a belly that is the same weight and roughly the same size. Do y’all think this will work alright or is the belly no good for what we do?
  12. Daniel Macina

    Hand Stitching idea……

    Just thinking out loud here. Has anyone ever modified an arbor press to punch holes for stitching a sheath? I got a very cheap awl when I bought my leather tools and it’s an absolute pain to use so I’m either going to buy a better awl or figure out a different solution. I’m going to try a drill...
  13. Daniel Macina

    Stropping compound?

    Evening fellas! II am going to start sharpening my knives with stones. Just picked up two stones have one more to get and I’ll be getting a strop as well. For those of you strop do you find yourself using any kind of compound when stropping or just the leather? Thanks!
  14. Daniel Macina

    Quick Tip/Suggestion.

    I picked up a bottle of this stuff For holding sandpaper on my sanding stick while hand sanding and I highly recommend it. No more sore thumbs from holding the paper on or having to mess with a magnet to hold the paper on and no more waste from having to wrap the sandpaper around. This big ol...
  15. Daniel Macina

    knife design software

    This is kinda a long shot but i'm curious if anyone knows of any design software for knives that runs on a chromebook? I picked up a Chromebook that was on sale because i was tired of doing everything on my phone. The downside is it doesn't run windows or mac like most software requires. I don't...
  16. Daniel Macina

    Little thermocouple help

    I am in the process of setting up a temperature readout for my Forge before I work with all the wrought iron for my KITH project. I am using all the parts from Ed Caffreys website and like a dummy I just now noticed that the thermal couple on his website that I ordered does not come with the...
  17. Daniel Macina

    Congratulations smallshop!

    A big congratulations to @Smallshop Looks like he got his website up today And is officially selling. I know he’s worked hard for this so congratulations! I will be purchasing one of your knives sometime before Christmas for my daily Carry Ranch knife I do believe.
  18. Daniel Macina

    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    Still need some refining especially in the guard area to make it symmetrical on both sides and the handle will Probably be shortened a touch and the actual handle design will depend on the piece of stag I get. I’ll probably try to ink out the blade a bit to 12 inches as well but this is the...
  19. Daniel Macina

    Propane regulator help

    OK so last night I had the Forge going and all of the sudden without touching anything the Gauge went a lot higher than what I had the regulator set at But the actual pressure went way down. Now Gauge won’t go below 10 psi and I can open the regulator all the way in the Forge acts like it’s...
  20. Daniel Macina

    Mokume Gane project.

    Thought I would share with you a little project I did last night. Some Mokume. I used a dozen quarters although the top two slide pretty bad so it’s probably more like 10 layers. Still obviously some cleanup and then it’s going to get turned into a necklace and possibly a charm for a charm...